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A Love Letter

This is a love letter.❤️ A warm note from my heart to yours. ❤️ To express my support and send out some love. ❤️ There are many people going through something right now.

Something big. Something transitional. Something hard.

For the people in my life—some things like—wildfire endangerment, prostate cancer, relationship transition, Autism diagnosis, Alzheimer’s onset, covid sickness, surgery, work inertia, schedule overwhelm, home relocation, depression, grief, and anxiety to name just a few.

I know there is more. It is hard not for there to be more. There is so much going on in the world right now—and we humans can be the micro mirroring the macro.  

If you are a person who (or someone you love) is going through something right now—you have my love and compassion. ❤️

I want to remind you that life is full of seasons. And, that there are periods of time when life feels more easy-breezy, and there are chapters when we feel more stuck in the muck.

Nothing stays the same forever, and it won’t always be like this.

Or as my mother loves to say, “this too shall pass.”

And, as one of my favorite Buddhist teachers, Vinny Ferraro says, “it’s like this right now.”

May these gentle words of reminder help.

Also, here are some offerings that help me when I am going through something big, transitional, and hard.

I hope this helps and can be some relief for you (or those in hardship) as well.

❤️ The book Things Fall Apart by Buddhist nun Pema Chodron.

❤️ Doing a daily Emotional Release practice.

❤️ Moving the body with dance.

❤️ Listening to these playlists: Integration and Deep Healing.

❤️ Listening (with headphones) to Bilateral Healing sounds.

❤️ Slowing down and feeling your feelings.

❤️ Getting off social media.

❤️ Trusting the universe is always conspiring for your benefit.

❤️ And, practicing radical Self-care.

Sweet, NAME—my heart is with yours.

I know for so many these times are hard. If this is you—or someone you love—know that I am here. ❤️

If you feel the comfort and call to share your story with me—I have the space and bandwidth to listen and respond with love.

Or, if you just need another person to be sure you are held in love and prayer, you are invited to send me a message and I will absolutely be that person for you.

Finally, remember—you are stronger than you think, more loved than you know and even though it’s like this right now—this too shall pass.

Thanks for your read here.

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