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Dance Helps

Last week I was feeling the funk. It was too much computer time, lots of emotional processing, the collective anxiety creeping in and not enough time deep out in wild nature.

My body was contracted, my mind wavering and my heart tender.

Can you relate? Have you ever fallen into a swampy place where you just feel thick and mucky?

Well, you are not alone.

And for me, sometimes I spin – looking and looking (and looking) for the answer to help me emerge from the sludge.

Normally, things like talking to friends, journaling it out, having a conversation with my inner child help.

But last week I was unusually stuck. Nothing felt like it was working.

I was stuck in my head, stuck in my thoughts, stuck in my mind.

Until … I remembered to remember.

I remembered that getting out of my head and into my body is (and has been) access to freedom.

I found the thing that did the trick, the thing that got me unstuck.

That thing was getting into my body.

That thing was dancing!

I put on a playlist and moved my body. I moved my body not in any particular skilled way, but in way that felt natural, expressive, and intuitive. I moved my hips and my buttock. I moved my arms and my hands. I moved my legs and my ankles. I moved every joint and every limb. I moved in a way that I longed to move.

I let my Self go feeling the parts of my body, mind and heart that were previously tight. I let my Self fully release and surrender to the moment of movement.

I did that thing – dance like no one is watching.

And you know what!? It worked.

I shifted.

My body released all tension, my mind gained clarity and my heart returned to love.

Dear one, dance and embodiment practices are medicine. They are tools for helping to clear tension, stress, and trauma in a fun, freeing, and cathartic way.

You do not need to be experienced or trained in dance, but simply have a willingness to let your Self be moved.

I highly recommend you dance today—whether you think you know how to or not. Whether you are feeling stuck or spontaneous. Whether you are resistant or ready.

Dance is that good and might just be the thing that transforms you into your very next best Self.

A lush playlist for you to get you dancing—it’s one of my favorites!

Thanks for your read here.

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