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I Pulled the Plug on Social Media! Should You?

Recently, I have been asked, “Why the heck did I pull the plug on my social media accounts!?” It’s a fair question. I mean I did have an active presence of posting, and a 5000 “friend” following.

But, in my heart, that wasn’t enough for me to stay. To keep doing the thing that felt off to me.

In December 2020, on the Winter Solstice, I set the intention to align myself even more with my values and time integrity. This included my relationship with social media which clearly had to go.

Here are my reasons for deactivating my Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts …

  1. I had an unhealthy relationship with social media. It was a combination of being addicted and using it to numb out. There were times when I unconsciously got online or abandoned an important task that I was doing to get a “hit” of social media. Whether it was checking on “likes” or a mind-less scroll, it felt powerless to me. I choose to engage in my life with healthy actions and mindfulness.
  2. While I had taken breaks, I always came back to social media and when I did, I didn’t feel good about being back. Always, I would have one foot in, and one foot out. Why would I do something that I don’t feel “all in” and good about doing?
  3. When I was on the platforms, I literally could hear the little yet loud voice inside my brain that said, “Get off!” “Is this how you want to spend your time?” “You have other things to be doing right now.” I would ignore that voice which felt like a betrayal to myself. I do not want to betray myself. Ever.
  4. I was guilty of the comparing & despairing phenomena that happens on the social platforms. I would notice a drop in my energy and my worthiness. I choose to put myself in environments where I feel uplifted and empowered.
  5. As I prioritized my time on things that really matter, like writing, coaching and starting up a new business, I wanted to limit the distractions and have really good digital hygiene. And yes, I am building a new business without the use of social media!

So there you have it. My honest truth for why I dropped out of social media.

Do I miss it, you may ask?

Not really.

Well, maybe a tiny bit. Like the connections with far away people in far away lands.

My truth is that it’s just not for me. Not now.

What about you, dear one. Is social media for you?

I invite you to take a moment and ponder whether you are fully in alignment with your values and time integrity around your use of social media. Simply asked, how do you feel as you scroll?

Not great? Maybe consider taking a break. Or, join me in pulling the plug on social media.

Thanks for your read here.

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