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Emotional Release

I am on day 33 of an Emotional Release practice—think healthy adult temper tantrum with breath, sound, and movement. Because emotions are abundant these days—wouldn’t you agree!? Fear, anger, sadness, frustration, piss-osity (I made up this last—but it’s how I feel sometimes—you!?!)

Perhaps you too are carrying around stress, trauma, or negative experiences like it’s heavy “emotional baggage”?

Like anger from a recent friend argument … resentment towards a slow-paying client … exhaustion over your too busy schedule … insecurity about a business decision … fear of the unknown … despair over the state of the world …

Maybe you’ve even surprisingly released your pent-up emotions—like an unexpected cry during your Yoga practice, or road rage with your kid in the car, or lashing out at someone who didn’t deserve it—simply because a tender spot inside of you was activated.

And all this emotion is bogging you down and keeping you stuck or super slow to take action on those desired business goals.

I have been there—with my own rage, sadness, and disappointment. It’s why I took on a committed Emotional Release practice. (Also because during my launch—a vulnerable, edgy business goal for me—I need a way to release steam.)

It’s why I teach radical Self care for your Emotions to female entrepreneurs.

Because feelings are natural and suppressing them is not.

Because unprocessed emotions get stored inside our mind, memory, and bodies.

Because trapped negative emotions interfere with our life, relationships, and work.

Because clearing energy channels yields empowerment, productivity, and success!

If you have noticed an overwhelm in feelings—then you are not alone—and you may benefit from tending to your emotions.

Tending to your emotions is powerful and effective in transforming stuck-ness and having a steady stream of energy and ease in business and life.

Also—and here’s where I have personally seen the benefits—it’s beneficial in recognizing what you you’re feeling, needing, and wanting in the moment and having the fierce capacity to speak your truth.

Whether it is conflict with a friend/relative/client or launching your next big business goal—having radical Self care for your emotions is key.

If you are a female entrepreneur, and ready to clear your emotional body so you can be resourced and energized and in action on your next biz goal—send me a message! I may just have the course for you!

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