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You are Not Alone …

Has life felt challenging for you, recently? Let’s take a long slow deep breath together … You are not alone. I’ve been hearing it from so many people – and I’ll include myself in the mix too – that life has been I N T E N S E lately!

Across the board for our human family there have been physical problems, mental anxieties, crazy busy-ness, relationship transitions, social unrest, and great grief. I could go on but what I really want you to know is …

You are not alone.

That whether you are struggling with family, friendships, intimacy, career, financial, health or home – that so many of us are going through some kind of dark, mysterious, underworld journey right now.

And, you are not alone in doing so.

Nor do you have to go through it alone.

That there are beautiful loving resourced people in the world who are here to be by our side.  

Here to love on us. Support us. Help us. Listen to us. Witness us. Teach us.

You are not alone.

As we go through our sort of dark night of the Soul, we can choose to let love in, to receive, to be seen and to be held.  

Why? Because we are not alone. And we are not meant to do life alone.

Dear one, will you open your heart today and receive help, love and support from someone in your family, community, friend-circle? Will you allow a meal to be delivered, a shoulder to cry on, a prayer to be said for you?

And, if you’ve got some extra love to give, will you check in on someone who is “going through it?” Make a phone call, offer a food delivery, take them on a fun outing!?

I sincerely hope so. Leave a comment below and let me know how you do?!

You are not alone.

Thanks for your read here.

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I sincerely hope so!

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