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Never Schedule Self Care Again!

I’ve come a long way. This week I am tasked with finding a clawfoot tub in the middle of nowhere for a very specific photo shoot. While a bathtub in nature is a lovely idea, it’s not something you easily find via a Google search.

But, committed to my faith and knowing my resources, I accepted the challenge, texted about 12 friends (“hey, quick q, might you know of any clawfoot tubs somewhere gorgeous in nature??”)—and trust it will happen. 

Years ago, when I would be on a deadline or have an important task like this at hand, my default would be to worry and stress. I would fixate on it, lose sleep over it, body-contract because of it, and my mind would just be way too consumed with it.

I’m not letting that happen this time.

For my old Self,  there was no joy, no fun, no spaciousness at all around what I created. With the way I moved through the world, as an entrepreneur, I basically drove my Self to a place of suffering. A place where I missed the present moment. A place where I lacked any pleasure. A place where I needed critical Self care. 

And, back then, my critical Self care looked like slotting a 30-minute appointment on my calendar … literally. I would put it on my calendar where I could squeeze it in, perhaps on a Friday at 4pm. I’d simply write: “Self care.”

That would be the time I’d designate to taking care of my Self. 

Just. 30. Minutes. 

And maybe then I would take a bubble bath. Clawfoot tub or not!

Does this sound familiar to you, dear one? 

Have you ever had that feeling you must “do” Self care in order to recover from life’s overwhelming responsibilities? That if you just did that, whatever “it” is, you’d be restored back to balance? And then maybe it does make you feel better, but only hours later, you’re back out of whack?

If that is you, please know you are not alone. I have been there and now know there is another way. 

There is a way to have steady balance, spaciousness, and pleasure—even with life’s busy-ness. 

The secret? Self care as a lifestyle.

It is by taking care of your Self consistently so you actually don’t get to a place of depletion or burnout, and you never need critical Self care. 

It is by having committed practices to support your mental, physical, spiritual, and interpersonal relationships.

It is by knowing that Self care is not a temporary fix.

When I am living in this place, my Self care is a culture rather than a consequence. And I can take bubble baths forever … if I so choose!

This week, with my very specific assignment regarding the clawfoot tub in nature, I am resourced around the conceivable challenge. 

I am grounded because I start my day with me—walking the land, journaling, and reading something inspiring. 

I am trusting because I have relationships with people whom I can safely ask for help.

I am joyful because I actively choose this over stress. 

I am hopeful because I love and know my Self. 

I am easy because I prioritize Self care not just when I need it, but all the time. 

I can approach this task feeling centered and calm, because I approach my every day centered and calm. This frees me to find the fun in it: How often does one get to go on a bathtub hunt as part of their work? 

Dear one, Self care is not another box to check. Rather, it is a way we can live our lives. 

It is also not selfish. While, yes, Self care is in service to you, it’s only so that you are your best YOU for others. 

If you’re ready to choose Self care—an act that will ripple out into your life and provide you with a steady stream of balance, spaciousness, and pleasure—I invite you to do something for yourself today. Whether it’s for five minutes or 30, a bubble bath or a tech break, let me know in the comments what you choose. 

And stay tuned for Beyond Bubble Baths!, an intimate transformational course on Self care that will put an end to you ever needing Self care again. If you’d like to know more, click here to sign up for course updates! 

Update: I did find the clawfoot tub in nature, from a rather unexpected source––a guy I’d recently met on a dating app. You just never know how the Universe will come through for 

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