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I am Giving Birth

I am birthing something new – something that offers my unique and special gifts with the world and I am so freaking excited about it! Also, scared sh*t-less, in doubt, insecure and most all other feelings that come with being wildly pregnant. 🙃

Even though I have 24 years successfully entrepreneuring my former company, Next Generation Yoga, and leading group programs – doing something new professionally and birthing this innovative offering comes with its contractions.

I have been questioning … “Will they care?” “Will they like it?” “Will they get me?”

I have shed tears and spent many hours playing with course concepts, my ideal next level client and offer statements.

Good news, is that my baby is getting close to being born! (Thanks in large part to my coach Julie Wolk, whose Group Magic Accelerator program has helped me develop this powerful work into a group experience.)

More good news is that, even amidst my own mindset tussling, I am taking good care of my Self along the way.

While developing and readying to give birth to a new website, coaching practice and course offerings, I am …

-Trusting my process. It could be easy for me to bow out, to put it off or to not show up. But knowing this new work is true, important and purpose-driven – I choose to trust my process, contractions and all, and stand firmly in my commitment to birth this baby!

-Being gentle with the parts of me that ache. Doubt, insecurity, fear and overwhelm are certainly showing up in my creation womb. Journaling and having Self compassion, Self kindness and loving Self talk with these parts have all been balm for my nervous system. Also, a good reminder of my humanity.

-In my body. Dance breaks, nature walks and cooking nourishing meals have been necessary to breaking up the energy and work flow. Perhaps like you, it is sometimes hard to stop the thing I am engrossed in, but when I do and when I get in my body, I always feel so much better!

-Saying no. Lately, I am endeavoring to be impeccable with my time, with how and with whom I spend it with. Sometimes that means saying no. No to an invite, no to a friend, no to a distraction. Even though it’s hard to say no, It does feel good to have a healthy boundary and say yes to me!

I truly couldn’t imagine birthing my babe (this new version of me!) without the tools of Self resourcing, and doing the things that I know make me feel good.

Dear one, if you too are up to something new (and big!) – like birthing a new project, a pivot in your work, a shift in identity, a piece of art, a new relationship, a move in homes – consider  how best you can tend to your Self as you navigate through.

Will you radically trust in your process?

Will you feel your feelings (even the ones that ache)?

Will you get your physical exercise on?

Or, will you tighten up your boundaries?

Does this resonate with you? Do you have any practices that help you during times of transformation? Leave a comment below, I’d absolutely love to hear about you!

Thanks for your read here.

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