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Women Need Women

Have you ever sat in a safe and loving circle with other women—sharing your Self authentically? Where you talk about your darkest moments, deepest fears, and greatest longings?

And you are witnessed in love because the other ladies truly understand you?

Over the past week, I have been grateful to circle up with women. Both at my badass 44 yr. old girlfriend’s baby shower in Santa Fe where women of all ages blessed her up before her upcoming birth. And then, in my home, for my monthly Soulful Women’s Entrepreneur Group that I host for local ladies where we break bread, get to know each other’s businesses, and share from the heart in Council.

Consistently, I have been awe struck by the power of women gathering.

The power of women connecting, listening, sharing, and supporting.

And while I can only imagine—these circles that I’ve sat in recently seem like the Red Tent Women’s gatherings that used to happen. When, during the new moon, girls and women gathered for support for their menstrual cycles, and at other times for their pregnancies. Where they shared intimate stories about their relationships and how it felt to be going through whatever they were going through—as a woman.

They gained support and understanding through each other. They strengthened each other through life.    

My take-away … Women need women.

Women need women to talk about their birth, rape, money, and sex stories.

Women need women to witness their rage, pleasure, dreams, and desires.  

Women need women to celebrate their beauty, bodies, authenticity, and victories.

Women need women to champion their entrepreneurism, business, work, and career ups and downs.

It may not always feel this way—especially if you are like me and have been hurt by another woman—either when you were young or even recently. Because ouch—that hurts! And that can cause us to stay away, isolate, and disconnect.

But we don’t have to. When women are willing to lean in, letting the past be the past—there is opportunity for connection, growth, and healing.

Truly, we stand to gain so much from this kind of sisterly support—whether it be on the spiritual, emotional level, or on business, career level.

So dear one—will you lean into sisterhood? Will you be proactive about connecting with women in your life?

Perhaps you can host a gathering for like-minded women—like mom’s, entrepreneurs, or all the single ladies. Or, schedule a tea date or a walk with a woman you recently met and want to get to know more.

Whether you connect in a group or 1:1—don’t be afraid to go deep!

Women need women.

I’d love to hear from you! How do you know women need women? You are invited to send me a reply with your experience in connecting with women.

Thanks for your read here.

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