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Gratitude for the Hard Times

As the season of holy days is upon us, it is beautiful to acknowledge all we have to be grateful for. Oftentimes, it’s natural to do so with what is and has been “good” in our life. And while I fully support and do this practice myself—I also appreciate and encourage being grateful for what has been hard.

Because—in a way—the hard times have been good too.

The hard times have shown us our strength, courage, and resilience. The hard times have shaped us into who we are today. The hard times have steered us towards alignment with our purpose, relationships, and Self. 

And so, it is as equally important to acknowledge and give thanks for the tender times, too. The ones where we lost loved ones, severed relationships, felt stagnant, questioned everything, had physical conditions, and witnessed others suffer.

It is worthy of giving thanks for these times—and all they taught, gifted, and guided us.

A few examples of gratitude for the hard times from my world …

🤎 I am grateful for the client who didn’t support me going on my Vision Quest as she showed me who I am truly meant to work with—and who I am not to.

🤎 I am grateful for my knee pain as it has led me to study brain science and understand neuroplasticity—and, now I’ve nearly recovered from all my chronic pain. (Curious? Just ask!)

🤎 I am grateful for the strong feelings of loneliness I have experienced since living in New Mexico as I have come more into knowing, loving, and intimacy with my Self.

🤎 I am grateful for the hurt I felt by the man who wouldn’t date me because I am unvaccinated as I learned early on about our misalignment. 

🤎 I am grateful for the stagnation I’ve felt in my career as it inspired me to hire a business coach and get into action!

🤎 I am grateful for the premonitory grief I have for the aging of my parents as it has me connecting with and visiting them even more.

Truly, there is always something to be grateful for—even for the hard times. We just have to choose it.

And when we do, we can have a beautiful healing with what happened.

Dear one, will you choose to be grateful for your hard times? Will you see them as good?

If yes, perhaps you can write your gratitude’s in your journal. Or, have a conversation with a safe and loving friend. Maybe even reach out to the person involved during that hard time and express your gratitude. And, as always—you are welcome to email and share with me any gratitude you have for a hard time—I promise to respond.

After doing so, notice what happens. You may just feel lighter and better about that hard time. I hope so!

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and many days of gratitude—for the good and the hard times!

Thanks for your read here.

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