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Happy NOvember! Say “NO” to People-Pleasing

Happy NOvember! This month I am taking two online courses: Jewish Ancestral Healing with Taya Mâ of Kohenet and Hub Marketing with Tad Hargrave, Marketing for Hippies.

With these added commitments—which I am super psyched about—I am aware that I’ll need to be even more discerning with how and with whom I spend my time. And, that I may need to say “no” a bit more in NOvember. (See what I did there!)

While I am someone who loves opportunities, and often says “yes” to personal and professional invitations—I am an Enneagram seven wing after all—I also know the importance of honing my energy, avoiding over-extending, not being too busy, and never doing something for the sake of people-pleasing.

Especially this month, when I am taking on a bit more—on top of my already existing priorities like my private coaching clients, sessions with my own Business Coach, and preparing to launch my online group course for women entrepreneurs. And then there’s my highly valued Self care needs like walking the land regularly, connecting and cooking with dear friends, and my all-time non-negotiable—having a spacious schedule.

I realize that saying “no” can be hard. We all love a good party invitation and an exciting biz opportunity, and loathe any sense of FOMO. Plus, it’s easy to get caught in people-pleasing mode and say “yes” even when we want to say “no.”

But, saying “no” can be powerful.

Saying “no” means we are saying “yes” to being genuinely authentic and honest with ourselves and others.

Saying “no” means we are saying “yes” to valuing our time.

Saying “no” means we are saying “yes” to having healthy boundaries.

Saying “no” means we are saying “yes” to something else—that’s even more important.

But how do we do it? How do we say “no” when that invite is so freaking tempting?

For me, it’s a pause … a listening to my body for what is true, and then a powerful and kind communication.

Something like: “Thank you so much for thinking of me and I am not able to take anything else on right now” or “That sounds like a great opportunity, thank you—but I’ll have to pass this time” or “Bummer, I am genuinely disappointed, that doesn’t fit my schedule right now—but maybe another time!”

Perhaps during the month of NOvember, you’ll also be inspired to discern whether you will say “no”—to that dreaded Thanksgiving invitation, to that less than exciting social date, to that unfulfilling client, or to that distracting app—so that you can say “yes” to what truly matters to you

Because when you are clear with your “no” you are authentic with your “yes”—and more aligned with your Self and others.

I’d love to hear from you! What is one thing you are saying “no” to this NOvember—so that you are saying “yes” to something else that’s even more important. Send me a message and I promise to respond.

Thanks for your read here.

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