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Will You Ask This Vulnerable Question?

As we drop in with the holy days, it is wholesome to slow down from busy-ness, to reflect on the past year, to gather with loved ones, and to appreciate all that we have. And while I am doing just that—after watching an inspiring short with Mel Robbins—I am also taking on a new end of the year ritual.

I am asking the vulnerable question …

How can I be better?

This question feels important—especially at the cusp of a new year—because I want to grow, deepen, and be the best version of myself as I enter the coming new year. 

And so, I am reaching out to my safest, closest, and most trusted loved ones to ask them:

How can I be a better friend/sister/daughter/coach/person? 

Yes, it feels edgy, uncomfortable, and scary AF. But, as someone who is committed to personal growth, authentic relating, and professional evolution—I choose to lean in. I choose to lean in because this sort of feedback is extraordinarily valuable.  

But as Mel Robbins says, 99% of people will never ask this question. It’s just too damn hard.

And she’s right.

It can be hard to muster the inner strength, to open a vulnerable heart, and to have a big-ass willingness to receive what could potentially hurt.

Certainly, as I am going about it, I can feel my own nerves shake and body quiver.

But when we create a loving container and ask our safest friend/family/partner/colleague/client in a way that is humble and curious—we might just hear the thing that would make our relationship even stronger. We might hear the truth that could bring us even closer. We might receive the feedback that would have us go even deeper.

And, we might even become a better person—for all our relationships—personal and professional.  

Will you join me? Will you step into your bravery and ask a trusted one, “how can I be a better friend/mother/sister/teacher/business owner?” Will you ask this vulnerable question so that you can step into 2023 even better!?

Perhaps text your bestie this question now. Or, ask your partner over dinner tonight. Or, bring it to your next session with your favorite, most loyal client.

If you do, I’d love to hear how it goes for you. Send me a message and let me know what shows up.  

And if not now, you can always tuck this vulnerable question in your back pocket for another time. For a time when you are ready to open the door for an important conversation that every person in any relationship would benefit from having.

Thanks for your read here.

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