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Gifts for the Heart

Hello and Happy Holidays, dear one! I hope you have been indulging in all the ease, cosiness, warmth, rest, connection, joy, and love that you deserve and desire during this sacred holy time. However, you have been celebrating—I am wishing you a nourishing season and Happy New Year, too!

A few gifts for your heart—from mine to yours …

❤️ Curated playlists whether you are needing music for groundingintegrationemotional release, or simply a slow delicious morning.

❤️ A recording of a talk on Self love in Business that I offered for my friend April’s Radical Reset Experience—whether you are an entrepreneur or work for another—here’s to loving ourselves inside our work.

❤️ Rituals of our Mothers podcast with some deep, meaningful, and healing episodes of women sharing their stories of their mother’s rituals including Self care.

❤️ An opportunity for a complimentary Wholeness Business Coaching session from me! Scroll down to the PS for the details.  

I hope you enjoy these gifts for your heart—please let me know as I always love hearing from you.

A very loving thank you for being part of my newsletter community—it is truly a gift to share this life with you.

May you be healthy. May you nourished. May you be at peace. 

With love,


PS ~ For my women entrepreneur and women in business readers—I’ve got one more gift for your heart! I am seeking 1-3 volunteers to join me—on video for a personal project—for a 1-hour Wholeness Business Coaching session. The only pre-requisite is that you have a clear business goal and topic that you would like to receive coaching on and consent to being recorded. If you are needing support, interested in my approach, and this opportunity speaks to you, please send me a message me. ❤️

PPS ~ That wintery pic above was taken—on a walk on the land behind my home in which I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico—by my dear friend, former client, and exquisite photographer, Katie MaCauly who is currently wrapping up a committed and creative 100 days of photos project. I love how she captured the sunset glow on the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and my big, happy smile … truly a place I love. 

Thanks for your read here.

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