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Gray Hair

I have spent countless time, energy, and money on dying my hair. Whether it was to have a warm hue to match my skin tone or cover-up those undesirable grays—it has been a long journey of conforming my crown with societal norms. And, I am done!

Three months ago, I made the commitment to go cold turkey and grow out my natural gray hair color.

I’d be lying to you if I didn’t name that it’s been an emotional rollercoaster.

I have felt fear for what I will look like while having two shades of hair. Grief for no longer appearing a certain young way. Confidence for my courage to go against the mainstream. And, excitement to be all natural and have freedom from hair-color slavery.

In connecting with other women—gray-haired and not—the consensus is that we are conditioned to believe that a woman with gray hair is considered old or has “let herself go.” And so, we worry, pluck, and hide from what is authentic, true, and natural about us.

The programming is real—I even recently heard it from my best friend and close family member.

They both said, “you are too young to have gray hair.”

But what if we re-wrote the story about our silver/white/gray hair?

What if our silver/white/gray hair is proof that we live an authentic life.

What if our silver/white/gray hair is a symbol of personal expression.

What if our silver/white/gray hair is sign of Self love.

This would be less shaming and way more accepting.

In a world where we are constantly influenced to conform to look a certain way—I wanna encourage you to listen and do what is true for you. Whether that is embracing your grays … or not (yet).

Dear one, are you considering, or have you already made the brave decision to go hair au-natural? I would love to hear from you! Send me a message letting me know if you are fellow silver sister—or not ready yet.

Thanks for your read here.

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