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Why Wait!?

This past Fall, I spent two months in Portugal. Like magic, as soon as I returned to the States—I felt my full YES to wanting to live there. At first, I told myself—I’ll move there in the Summer of 2024. But then, I heard a voice inside me. My higher wisdom voice, that told me: “Why wait!?” Aint those words of truth.

I mean, why wait months and months to create the dream life that I want!? Why wait and stay stuck in my current comfortable cycle!? Why wait and postpone what I know I can create now!?

Yes, I have fear in making a transatlantic move, being far away from my loved ones, and starting over in a foreign country. And yes there is overwhelm with all the expenses, attaining a long-stay Visa, and planning the details for life as an Expat. But those resistances very likely will be there for me no matter when.

And so, I have escalated my move to Portugal for February 2024. (More on this in another newsletter!)

Because dear One—why wait!?

So often we can stay stuck waiting for the perfect time or the right economic condition or a good mood to go for our personal or professional goal—that we know deep down inside we want for our Self.

Trust me, as a Business Coach for entrepreneurs—and someone who has studied and knows human behavior well—I see this all the time.

If you are a small business owner—you likely have clear goals for 2024. Things like: more income, more impact, more systems, more time for you.

But even with these goals, and even knowing you want this for yourself—it is natural to get caught up in overanalyzing. It is natural to have fears over time and money. It is natural to want to put your goals on hold.

For example, as an entrepreneur—you may know in your bones that it is time for you grow your business by getting more consistent with your marketing; or launching a group course; or going more online. But because you are human, fear can creep in and tell you that now is not the right time. Because you are human, fear can tell you that it will cost too much money.

But I promise you—there is no perfect situation to go for your goal. You will always be able to find an excuse. You will always be able to overanalyze. You will always be able to find a good reason to not do the thing you know and want to do.

Now with so much love, compassion, and respect—sometimes it is NOT the right time to next-level your Self or your business. And, I trust that your highest wisdom knows the truth of that, too

But oftentimes, it is FEAR that is making that decision for you. Oftentimes it is OVERANALYZING that will stop you. Oftentimes it is your HUMAN BEHAVIOR that will keep your goals on hold.

This is why I offer a Women’s Mastermind Group 👉🏻 to help small business owners clarify what is highest and true.

Because when small business owners are left to their own devices, you most likely will stay stuck and not pursue your most sought-after goals. You most likely will stay comfortable and not grow to your fullest potential. You most likely will hem and haw and stay in a cyclical mode waiting for everything to be aligned and perfect.

But when inside a supportive and strong container—you can go for it.

When working with a Coach and surrounded by like-minded, committed women—you can go for it.

When making the leap and investing in themselves—you can go for it.

If you are a small business owner and know that you have goals that you want to actualize in the first half of 2024—even if you feel the fear—why wait!?

I invite you to join the next cohort of my Women’s Mastermind Group where you can propel your business forward and achieve your long desired goals. We begin in January, and registration is closing soon!

In this program you’ll clarify the 2-4 business goals you want to achieve in the first half of 2024—and have actionable steps to make it happen.

You’ll be held in a tight and safe and loving container which will help you to stay motivated, empowered, and on task.

You’ll be guided by me personally including my 25+ years as a small business owner including growing my Kids Yoga business from nothing to a six-figure company that I scaled and ultimately sold.

And, you’ll be surrounded and supported by women—just like you!

If you are ready to step in to the circle, don’t wait!

Get in touch with me by booking a no-pressure exploratory call, or send me a message and I’ll reply with an Invitation Letter.

Again, why wait!?

Thanks for your read here.

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