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Gifts for Your Heart

I sincerely hope this finds you indulging in all the ease, coziness, connection, spaciousness, meaning, and love that you deserve and desire during this sacred time of year. However you are being—I am wishing you a bright season and Happy New Year, too. It is an honor for me to share some gifts for your heart …

🤎 Playlists.
I love to share music with you, whether you are needing support for groundinggrievingintegrationemotional releasesoothing Self love, or visioning—I hope you enjoy these consciously curated playlists.

🤎 Podcast.
Recently I had a soulful (and fun!) conversation with my dear client and friend, Heidi Ross—the creator of The Healing School and the Healing Her podcast. This episode is about Wintering which is a season we can all go through—internally, like a dark night of the Soul. You can listen to the story of my very dark time of life and receive supportive resources for how to make it through—because << Test First Name >>, Spring does come.

🤎 Prompts.
As we near the end of 2023, perhaps take some time to journal about or meditate on or walk with these prompts in your heart … What do you want to let go of before the New Year? Who do you need to forgive now? What is your biggest learning from this past year? How do you want to feel in 2024?

🤎 Peace.
This short audio recording by Emory and Trevor Hall will inspire you to make peace with all the women (men) you once were. It’s sublime. 

I hope you get to sink in with these gifts for your heart—if you’d like, do let me know as I always love hearing from you.

And truly, a heart-felt thank you for journeying with me this past year and being in my newsletter community. It is a gift to share this wild and precious life with you.

May you be healthy. May you nourished. May you be at peace. 

Thanks for your read here.

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