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A Business in Service to Your Nervous System

If you are an entrepreneur like me—then you probably started your business with the fabulous thought of "I'll be so happy to set my own schedule and do things MY way!" Fast forward to now ... Is your business driving you instead?

Jen is graduate of my Women’s Mastermind Group. She is a soul-driven, dedicated entrepreneur who runs a unique hand-stamped jewelry business in Florida. She literally with her own two loving hands presses meaningful words on necklaces and bracelets—so people can remember their deceased pet, or their word of the year, or their inspiration for how they want to feel.

As badass as Jen and her business are, she joined the Women’s Mastermind Group because she was working super hard, nearing burnout, and not aligning her actions with the goals that she really wanted to accomplish in her business.

Good news! On our last Mastermind call, Jen shared:

“My biggest celebration in being in circle with you ladies has been tending to my nervous system. 

I realize that working night markets was frazzling me. Between the noise, the energy, the crowd, the party in the streets, and the late hours—I realize it was a hard no for me. And even though I was scared to let them go and worried to lose that revenue—I know my Self care is more important and I trusted that I would figure it out.

And I did! I got daytime markets to vend at and replaced those night markets.

I am so freaking happy, and so is my nervous system!

In order to stay in business—where you do your most meaningful work and achieve the goals that matter to you—you need to have a business that works for you. You need to have a business that is in service to your nervous system

Not the other way around—where you burn out your nervous system in service to your business.

Through Jen’s participation in the Women’s Mastermind Group—where we prioritize Self care and business—she made a huge shift for her Self that will have her stay in business and do her Soul work with a healthy, regulated nervous system.

Yay Jen! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

If you are a female small business owner who is tired of over-working, over-doing, and over-achieving and you know that it’s time to end the hustle and make your shift into a sustainable-for-you-business—with a nourished and regulated nervous system—I invite you to join my next cohort of the Women’s Mastermind Group. We begin in January and registration is closing soon.

In this program, you’ll learn how to balance your life and work, make business decisions that are aligned for you, and tend to your goals in ways that genuinely work for your nervous system.

You’ll be held in a tight, safe, and loving container which helps you to feel motivated, empowered, and like the badass woman entrepreneur that you are.

You’ll be guided by me personally—including my 25+ years as a small business owner including growing my Kids Yoga business from nothing to a six-figure company that I scaled and ultimately sold.

And, you’ll be surrounded and supported and celebrate by women—just like you!

If so, get in touch by booking a no-pressure exploratory call, or send me a messageand I’ll reply with an Invitation Letter.

Thanks for your read here.

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