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What’s Your Good News?

With so much going on in the world—if you are anything like me—you could use all the good news you can take right now. Yes?!? Well, the other day on a wander in Lisbon with two friends, I took an opportunity to revel in my good news.

I said, “I celebrate that in my 7-weeks in Portugal—I have not lost or left any items behind, had any injuries or accidents, nor had any significant problems.”

Thank goddess, right!?

Now that may not seem like anything to brag about, but for me, it was worthy of naming. It was worthy because it’s my good news! And, like I said, during times like these—when our world and human family are going through so much right now—it’s so important that we also focus on what’s good. 

Happily, my friends appreciated it too.

And, it led us to a conversation about the importance of celebrating, habitually, as a practice—which I am hoping to inspire you to do, too.

Because let’s face it …

We live in a world where there is so much sorrow; where culture tells us it’s off putting to indulge in our good stuff (especially while others are suffering); and straight up truth—human beings often have a much easier time speaking about what’s not going well.

Soooooo …

What if we emphasized celebrating our good news on a regular basis—including the micro-mini good news.

What if you celebrated dropping your kid off at school on time. Or, acknowledged that you cleaned your house. Or, honored your Self for cooking a healthy meal. Or, bragged about the smallest thing you did to move your bigger goal forward. 👏🏻🎉🙌🏻

When we celebrate our good news—no matter big or small—we can shift out of unhelpful thinking patterns.

When we celebrate our good news—no matter personal or professional—we can increase our sense of well-being and life satisfaction.  

When we celebrate our good news—no matter with our Self or with another—we gift our Self with love and care.

So, dear One—what’s your good news? What’s happening for you today that you want to honor your Self for? What do you want to be witnessed in? 

As always, you are invited to send me a message and share with me—no matter big or small, personal or professional—I’d love to hear!

And perhaps, you’ll create a culture of celebration in your conversations with your friends, your kids, your clients, your team, or your family. And invite that shift from what’s not working to what is, regularly. 

Just remember, it doesn’t have to be something BIG—it just has to be *your* good news.

Thanks for your read here.

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