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East Dessert First

I am back in the United States since my trip to Portugal—and, just on the heels of a very sweet couple of days in Florida celebrating my Mom’s 80th Birthday. It was touching to join my Mother and her lady friends for her 60’s themed birthday luncheon. Imagine …

Twenty-four 70–80-year-old women playfully dressed in tie-dye, wearing bandana headbands, and flowers in their hair—singing All You Need is Love while laughing and swaying together. Truly a sight to see! 

Three of my Mom’s besties curated this special party which deeply honored her for who she is.

As her daughter—I was proud.

Proud to see how very loved she is.  

But also, proud for all to really know who she is.  

What stands out were the center pieces on the tables. No not flower arrangements—though my Mom loves that kind of beauty too—instead, there were three-tiered-stands filled with decadent desserts.

Because my Mother, well—she eats dessert first! 🧁🍰🍪

I mean she does this literally! Like at lunch when she orders a piece of coffee cake before her sandwich. Which btw, according to Ayurvedic principle is legit—as this ancient science says sweet tastes should come first in a meal as it takes the longest to digest. But I digress …

And so, we all happily joined her and enjoyed on mini key-lime cakes, truffles, and brownies all before the main course arrived.

The liberation in the room of the women leaning in to their pleasure and enjoying the sweet before the savory was palpable. As I am sure you can agree, none of us were raised with this daring permission.

Most of us were brought up to finish the whole meal—then we could have dessert.

Most of were programmed to do things in a certain order—hard, then easy.

Most of us were conditioned to follow the rules—then we are “good.”

But not my Mama. Nor me. And, not her lady friends. We disrupt the rules. We live outside the box. We delight in pleasure, first.   

What about you? Do you fill your Self up with pleasure, first? 

With so much heaviness and heart-ache in the world, with so many should’s and have-to’s, and with all the pressures and rational rules of the mind—why not eat dessert first—as a life philosophy.

Why not choose enjoyment, pleasure, and sweetness first. 

Why not fill your Self up with goodness before you face your to-do list, work on your business, take care of others.

Why not live and work from a place of inner resource!

Because, dear one …

Life is precious. Life is meant to be lived. Life is for you to create by your own design.

And, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing the easy, eating the sweet, enjoying the pleasure before you drop in to the hard, savory, or sorrow. 

So perhaps, consider giving yourself permission to switch up the order of things—whether it’s personal or professional—and, eat dessert first!

As always, you’re invited to send me a message and let me know how you go!

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