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What the Heck is Self Love, Anyway!?

I am committed to helping humans embody Self love. (So much so, scroll down to the "PS" for my Valentine's Day gift below.) Of course, because it is wholesome and healing for us—but also, when we live inside a personal culture of unconditional Self love—it inevitably ripples out for good.

Good for our relationships in becoming more healthy and connective. Good for our work in becoming more aligned and purposeful. And, good for our world in becoming more kind and conscious.

But, what the heck is “Self love”, anyway!? 

As someone who has been on an intentional Self love journey for seven years—beginning when I was injured and depressed and then randomly chose to marry myself—I am often asking myself this question.

Based on my own learning and teaching, here’s what I have come up with …

Self love is deeply knowing and accepting your Self. Through personal growth work, inner-child healing, and self-development—whether on your own, in group courses, by books, or with counselors and coaches—you learn who you are, what you want, and how to meet your needs. That inner-voice becomes your best friend and life partner.❤️

Self love is not giving a f*ck what other people think. Whether you dye your hair blue or quit your stable job to start up a dream business—you do you. You stop people pleasing and show up as a fully expressed version of yourself—because you know your authenticity is what the world needs, now!❤️

Self love is having healthy boundaries. No more saying yes when you mean no, not to your partner, child, boss, or Self. Even when it is hard or when you’re afraid—you listen to your body, you take a deep breath, and you speak your truth because you intrinsically know that you always know.❤️

Self love is being compassionate and forgiving with yourself. Because to be human is to have a full range of emotions and sometimes you can be distracted, impatient, angry, and critical. Without bypassing—like you would for another—you gently let yourself off the hook.❤️

Self love is cultivating discipline. You know that it matters to start the day with you, to do the practices that make you feel good, and take breaks in between all the to-do’s. You realize that doing your life and work with balance, spaciousness, and a well of inner resource is how you are most pleasurably productive.❤️

Self love is being on purpose and doing your dharma. You know you have unique gifts to share, and you do so in exchange for reciprocity that feels good. Your work has meaning.

Self love is similar to loving another. Like the way you would a young child or a beloved partner, you show love by giving your Self quality time, gifts, words, and touch. You enjoy pouring sweet, loving, kind, romantic, presence into you.❤️

Self love is not a destination but a continuous state of transformation. There may be moments, days, and seasons when you are not in Self love. But you stay the course, reach out for support, and have trust in Life—even when its hard.❤️

I can’t help but wonder … what does Self love mean to you?

Perhaps take a moment to pause, reflect, meditate or journal about how you tend to your Self in loving ways. And, how does loving yourself ripple out for good and positively source your relationships, work, and the world? 

I’d love to hear from you! Will you send me a message about your Self love journey? Which of the above resonates most with you? And, what ways are you loving (or wanting to love) your Self even more these days?

PS ~ Do you know someone who would benefit from Self love coaching? In honor of Valentine’s Day and my commitment to help humans embody Self love, I am gifting someone in your life a complimentary Self love coaching session. Just forward this to them, have them email me with your name as a referral, and if they’d like—we can schedule a complimentary Self love coaching session.  

Thanks for your read here.

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