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Life is Precious

Today. Right now. In this very moment. There are people enduring tremendous amounts of hardship. Not just in faraway places like Israel, Syria, Turkey, and Ukraine—but in our own backyards—people are stressed with mental health, physical illness, relationship divide, life-work imbalance, financial insecurity, and job uncertainty.

Recently, in my backyard … my Dad went through tongue cancer surgery, my mom was injured with a perforated colon during a colonoscopy, and my dear friend, Jen Angel in Oakland, was violently robbed and tragically passed.

I could go on as I know so many friends, family, and clients are struggling. The sheer enormity of it all can feel overwhelming.

And so, I am reminded and inspired to remind and inspire you—that Life is precious.

Life is precious because in a blink of an eye, everything can change. 
Life is precious because we never know when our last day on earth will be.
Life is precious because we have no guarantee for what tomorrow will bring.

Whether in your own backyard or the collective—being in the face of adversity brings Life into perspective.

So here are some basic but good reminders to fully live your one precious life—with kindness, soulfulness, love, and courage.

🤎 Take deep breaths.
🤎 Pray for others.
🤎 Be present.
🤎 Ask for help.
🤎 Smile at strangers.
🤎 Forgive quickly.
🤎 Turn off the news.
🤎 Discern more. 
🤎 Move your body.
🤎 Go for your dreams.
🤎 Startup your own business.
🤎 Stop saying yes when you mean no.
🤎 End all people pleasing.
🤎 Spend time with people who nourish you.
🤎 Listen to your inner voice … and do that.
🤎 Commune with nature. 
🤎 Speak kindly to yourself.
🤎 Follow your yes.
🤎 Find ways to get your needs met.
🤎 Lean into pleasure.
🤎 Be grateful.
🤎 Love hard.   

And please, dear one—never take life for granted.

Because when you do the above things—you are likely to have inner peace, deeper relationships, embodied Self love, achievement of your goals, and an extraordinary, meaningful life.

Some days are magic, and others are hard. Both days you have the gift of Life.

How are you doing? And what actions are you taking to fully live your one precious Life? Send me a message because I genuinely care and could certainly use the reminder and inspiration too!

Thanks for your read here.

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