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What Might be Draining you?

Lately I have been noticing the things in my life that drain my energy. Things like … the overdue dental work I've been avoiding 🤯, the looming clearing conversation I am scared to have with a friend ❤️‍🩹, and how I sometimes check my phone first thing in the morning—even though I know better! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Like a water-filled bucket with too many holes—these things are draining my precious life-force.

That may sound drastic, but energy leaks—any actions, behaviors, tasks, ideas, and relationships that take more energy from us than input energy to us—have an impact.

Energy leaks can gnaw on our psyche, drain our vitality, physically exhaust us, and leave us low on self-assurance.

Energy leaks can even cause us to put our most important goals on the back burner!

Can you relate?

Are there things in your life that are pulling you down, nagging at your confidence, or draining your energy?

Things like a never-ending to-do list, addictive scrolling, over giving, an unresolved conflict, saying yes when you mean no, a codependent relationship, clutter on your desk, procrastination for a project, a toxic boss, a negative co-worker, or those 2562 unread emails.

Are these things also impeding the progress of your goals?  

If so, now may be a good time to identify what energy leaks are in your field.

Perhaps try journaling or meditating on … What might be draining you? What are you avoiding? What needs to be sealed up for you to have your full vitality? 

Getting clear on the “what” (and maybe the “who”) is the first step of this radical Self Care practice.

Next, you can act towards sealing them up. You can set healthy boundaries, declutter, say no, let go of addictions, make changes, etc

Because when we seal up those energy leaks—we clear space to spend time on what and who really matters in our life. 

I know this is not easy—especially doing it alone! It is why I am offering my upcoming Beyond Bubble Baths group for women entrepreneurs. So that together we can seal up our energy leaks, reclaim what’s been draining us, and launch that next-level goal that has potentially been put on your back-burner.

If you are ready to seal up your energy leaks with a circle of soulful women—or maybe want to do so 1:1 with me—send me a message and I will share details with you!

Thanks for your read here.

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