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A No-Man-Diet

In December of last year, I was at my upper limit with dating. I was feeling unmet, drained, and hopeless. I could tell that my seeking, swiping, and cynicism needed a rest.

And so, on January 1st—I began a 3-month relational reset, aka a No-Man-Diet as coined by Kendra Cunov.

My current diet consists of: no dating, no flirting, no romantic relating.

Yep! I am on a total break from focusing on partnership and instead—I am nourishing the relationship of Me with Me. Basically, an intentional and concentrated container of Self Care.

I have committed agreements with myself, morning and evening practices in place, and an accountability partner who I check in with weekly—thanks Marilyn! 

I am spending time with myself, my journal, the natural world, nourishing friends, and inspiring books.

And it’s working!

In pouring time, energy, and care into myself—I now have a renewed sense of clarity for optimizing my time, focus for tending to my life and work goals, and confidence to achieve my ambitions.

Dear One, a No-Man-Diet is not for everyone—but Self Care is!

Especially, if you are like me—a woman entrepreneur—with a purpose to share and big goals to meet.

When we practice Self Care—we give ourselves emotional, physical, and spiritual resource to navigate stress.

When we practice Self Care—we give ourselves love that ripples out to nurture our relationships.

When we practice Self Care—we give ourselves the fuel we need to accomplish our big goals.  

Fueled by Self Care (and my No-Man-Diet), I am taking action on my next big goal: I am launching my group for women entrepreneurs. It is an intentional and concentrated container of Self Care—where we will fuel your engines and get you so resourced—that you are energized, focused, and confident to accomplish your next big biz goal!

Registration for Beyond Bubble Baths is officially open and the course begins February 14th. (No-Man-Diet not included! 😉)

Send me a reply message if you are a woman in business ready to level up and launch something new and big—but only want to do so with a community of sisters, a well of inner-resource, radical Self Care … and support from a master coach!

Thanks for your read here.

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