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What Can Your Physical Pain Reveal About Your Powerful Purpose?

Last week I was speaking with Sharon—a dear friend and client who just signed up for my new coaching course, Beyond Bubble Baths. She shared with me that the moment she decided to say YES to ...

creating a new online course (Akashic Records Level One) her leg pain reduced by 90%.

(Note, Sharon’s leg pain was chronic and hurt so much that it kept her up at night.)

As someone who has always been a believer in the mind-body connection, I wasn’t surprised to hear about Sharon’s rapid healing—that in listening to her “inner voice” and taking powerful action to start-up her long-desired business venture—unsurprisingly her body relaxed and released the pain. (BTW, since being out of pain, Sharon has been resourced enough to market her course and she quickly enrolled three students and has since raised her rates!)

According to science, most pain in the body is caused by stress and suppressed emotions. Unprocessed emotions like worry, fear, anxiety, grief, anger, and despair can all cause physical pain. Especially when we bottle up emotions and don’t acknowledge them.

Perhaps it was one of these emotions that was causing Sharon to have such horrible leg pain.

Perhaps it was also the uncovering of one of these emotions that caused her leg pain to significantly dissipate.

In choosing to do the “inner-work” and aligning herself with her purpose work, Sharon significantly reduced her pain, so much so that she was able to move forward with the launch of her next BIG biz offering.


If you are in physical pain—and I am not talking about the kind from a structural abnormality or organ disease but the pain you know is from stress—maybe it’s your back, shoulder, knee, neck, migraines or stomach aches … consider that doing the deep “inner-work” might be access to your healing.

It might not be the only thing needed for your healing, but practices like feeling your feelings, journaling, mindfulness, and somatic tracking may just unearth what is really going on and reduce your pain.

And, it may just help you shift from being in pain to being on purpose.

Because once you do the deep work to discover what’s been holding you back, like Sharon did, you can get more comfortable in your body, and you can move forward.

This is some of what we do in my new group course. We name the fears, we honor the worries, we love on the anxieties—all in service to reducing your physical pain so you can be in action with your next-level business goal—from a place of ultimate resource and radical Self care. 

Basically, we go Beyond Bubble Baths.🛁🛁🛁

Does this sound interesting to you? If you feel ready to significantly lessen your physical pain so that you can launch your next-level, edgy, big thing in your business, (the one that you deeply want to do for a long time now)—and you’ll do it from a place of feeling really good in your bodysend me an email and we can explore this together!

There is a ton of research out there on pain science and people are literally healing themselves after years of chronic pain through mind-body practices. I did and you can too! Here is a list of resources I compiled for you to learn more. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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