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Do You Hear a Whisper for Something BIG?

It took me six years to finally pull the trigger and sell my Kids Yoga company. It took that long, not because I couldn’t find the right buyer as that happened quickly, but because I was worried about what life would look like on the other side.

I spent days grieving the impending loss of my business-baby and nights restless over my unknown future. The combination was a recipe for years of paralysis.

Clearly, I had some inner-resourcing to do.

Yet even with the resistance, deep down inside, I also knew I had to do it.

I had to listen to the inner whisper saying it was time to pass the baton. That I had grown the company as far as I could. That I was burnt out, and that I was to serve elsewhere. (Pssss – that elsewhere was a complete Mystery at the time, so I had to trust my inner-knowing.)

NAME, do you hear a whisper for something BIG? Perhaps you hear a call to grow, change, step away … and you know you need to do it!

You know you need do it to because it is aligned with your Soul purpose. It is true and authentic for you. Feels intuitively right. And, if you don’t, you won’t feel good about skipping it. 

These whispers are the golden thread that weave the fabric of your life.

And, after years of hearing my whispers, which eventually turned to yells, I listened. I got into action, and wove my next golden thread by selling my company.

And in doing so, my life became freeing. I got aligned with my truth, earned some cash, created space to travel and an exciting chance to start-up a brand new meaningful career

But I couldn’t have gotten to my YES, or successfully selling, without being radically resourced and having a committed practice of Self care.

During this time, my Self care included daily manifestation practice, eight-hours of quality sleep, dancing every day, weekly conversations with like-minded entrepreneurs, and investing in a team of professionals to guide me through my process.

Tending to my Self was necessary for me to be in action (and stay out of fear!); And, was the catalyst for the success of the sale of my biz. I truly do not think I would have moved forward if I was not resourced or practicing radical Self care. I may have stayed stuck – doing the thing that was comfortable but definitely not authentic. 

For this I am grateful and what I am here to teach.

If you hear a whisper to take action on something big, edgy and next-level in your business – and it doesn’t have to be something as dramatic as selling the whole damn thing – something like increasing your rates, designing a new offering, creating an online course, hiring an assistant, starting a podcast, scaling your business – and you have not been able to do so yet, perhaps becoming fully resourced so that you can get into action is really what you need. 

Taking a leap is nearly impossible from an under-resourced place. Trust me, I know!

That’s why I created Beyond Bubble Baths – a transformational group course (starting Jan 2022!) for female identifying entrepreneurs, where you will do the thing you’re getting whispers (or shouts) about – and it won’t take you years!

In this course, we go beyond the clichés of “self-care.” We up-level you to radical Self care. We get you wildly resourced in your body, mind, spirit, relationships and business. We coach and support you. All so that you can finally do the thing you long to do!

If you’re ready to generate radical Self care so you can take action in your biz, I’d love to take you Beyond Bubble Baths. Hit reply and I’ll happily share more information so you can decide if this is right for you.



PS ~ We all have whispers nudging us to take action on something. Write it down, share it with a friend, or send it to me – there is manifestation power in naming our goals!

PPS ~ Want to go deep with your whisper? Go for a walk in nature and listen to what happens when you ask yourself, “what is that quiet voice inside of me saying?”

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