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Love for the Darkness

Today, in the Northern Hemisphere, it is Winter Solstice—the moment in time where we have the shortest daylight and the longest, darkest, night of the year.

For as long as we know, our ancestors and many traditions have celebrated this holy day—honoring the natural rhythm of the Sun and nature as we return to having more light.

It is a cause for celebration—to have hope and belief that something brighter is coming, (and God knows we need it!)

It is also a time to reflect, remember and ritualize. To acknowledge, appreciate and unearth love for the darkness, too.  

Particularly during this challenging time in human history, it is healthy for us to be with what is hard right now. To look at the darkness—within us and around us—to stay with it, to study it, to learn from it.

Just as the earth settles into her season of Winter and is slowing down and becoming still, we too can stop, do less, and un-busy ourselves.

So that we can feel what truly is.

So that we can embrace this dark, shadowy, and mysterious time.

So that we can remember to be responsive, not reactive.

So that we can trust the darkness as generative—knowing difficulties bring beauty—and something brighter is coming!

May you take a moment today to be with the darkness, to give thanks for its teachings, to honor its potentiality, to love its presence, and to remember the powerful light that always resides inside of you.

Wishing you a beautiful Solstice!✨

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