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We Can Do Hard Things

I am back from my nine-day Vision Quest in Northern Utah and Glennon Doyle’s words: “We can do hard things” are ringing loudly in my head.

Because committing to a mysterious adventure where I drove 13-hours to an unfamiliar place to join a small unknown group was hard. As was, sitting in circle and vulnerably sharing my biggest fears and deepest longings. Also hard, was severing from my old Self, limiting beliefs, unfulfilled relationships, and shitty situations—by way of fire ceremony, a “death lodge”, and other personal rituals. And perhaps the hardest from this journey … being solo on ranch-land, sleeping without shelter, and fasting (with water only) for four days!

My goodness, that was one of the most brave, rich, meaningful, AND HARD things I have ever done. (Just ask me.)

And, I would do it again! 

Because doing hard things—like taking a dedicated pause from my work and life—for personal growth, tending to Self, and fueling up my tank is actually necessary.

It is necessary for being a healthy, strong, and resourced woman in this challenging world.

It is necessary for showing up, being of service and patiently caring for community, clients, friends, and family.

It is necessary for having the energy to work on my business with clarity, inspiration, and productivity.

It is necessary for wildly loving our earth, the more-than-humans, and the land.

Doing hard things is necessary. Especially when it fills you up with inner resource, power, and inspiration.

Is there something in your life that is hard, but you still know it is necessary to do because it will give you exactly what you are seeking on the other side?

Something like leaving a job, starting up your own business, building a new website, hiring an assistant, signing up for a course, investing in a coach, ending a relationship, taking a break, relocating your home, or joining a gym!?

Big or small—these things can be hard.

And I know you can do it!

I know you can do it—especially if you …

-Focus on and think about how you will feel on the other side.

-Avoid letting your fears and limiting beliefs stand in your way. 

-Receive encouragement from people whom you can trust to support you in having the outcome you deeply desire. 

If I can—you too, can do hard things!

And because I care about you, send me an email and share with me what hard thing/s you are up to—I’d love to witness and acknowledge you and promise to write back.

Thanks for your read here.

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