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Time for a Growth Spurt!?

Have you heard the call to make an important change? Perhaps it’s a whisper or maybe an obvious sign from the Universe! But, you know in your bones, heart, and soul that it’s time to up-level your Self and initiate a growth spurt.

Perhaps you are contemplating that shift right now!?

Perhaps you are ready to swap your career focus for something more heart-centered and aligned. Or, pivot your business model for more spaciousness and work-life balance. Or maybe, you want to ditch an old habit and commit to a new healthy one. Or, relocate your home to be closer to loved ones. Or, maybe you are finally ready to end an unfulfilling relationship that no longer serves you. 

And, you know it’s time for this big change because your current way of living and working just doesn’t feel gratifying anymore. And, you feel restless, stuck, overwhelmed, and low on confidence. And, you intuitively know that there is something more for you.

That something is a growth spurt!

Personally, I know this passage all too well—I’ve been there myself. Like this past Summer when I was in major stagnation-ville—where I didn’t feel inspired, motivated, or enlivened. And yet, simultaneously, I knew I was on the edge of something new. 

And thankfully, in my knowing of what I needed—I hired a coach— and have since emerged with energy, inspiration, creativity, and purpose.

Wherever you are on your path—whether you are lethargic or ready to launch—it’s OK. We all go through seasons and like nature shows us—the seasons change.

While accepting and surrendering where you are today, like I did this past Summer, is my favorite and most comforting way to navigate—I also want to encourage you to listen—if in fact, you do hear that call for change and growth.

Whether it is a whisper or an overt nag—it will likely become impossible for you to ignore what’s next for you. Trust me, selling my yoga business was once a murmur until it became a holler!

So, if you are at a threshold for up-leveling yourself—whether personally or professionally and you know it’s time—trust your Self. Listen to the call and discern what steps you need to take to help you rise.

It may be a journaling practice, a conversation with a loved one, a long sit in meditation, a run in the forest, an emotional release, or a coach to help you take action.

Whatever it is—if it is time for your growth spurt—you’ve got this! 

As always, I’d love to hear from you. If you feel inspired to share a what is your next-level growth spurt—I would be honored to hear about it. You can reply to me here and I promise to write you back!

Thanks for your read here.

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