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A BIG Decision!

I recently made a BIG decision! I said YES to going on a Vision Fast in northern Utah where, alongside a few others, I will be camping solo and fasting for four days. It’s BIG!

It came to me because I have been craving a soulful experience—deep in nature and away from life’s distractions—where I can intentionally mark my past three years of life (since selling my Kids Yoga business) and have a meaningful ceremony honoring this rite of passage for who I am becoming. If you want to know more, just ask me.

And while I chose this adventure from my deep inner-knowing and wholeness, literally just days afterwards I started to question.

I questioned if now is the right time. I questioned if I was up for the 12-hour drive during the busy Labor Day weekend. I questioned if it was OK to take take time away from my coaching clients. I questioned if I should just go to a fun weekend music festival with friends instead. I questioned if more alone time was really what I wanted.

Yep, just after making a BIG empowering decision—doubt, fear, and anxiety showed their faces.

Has this ever happened to you? 

And, so I reached out to friends, worked with my business coach, walked the land, journaled, tracked my dreams and then … I remembered to remember.

I remembered that my personal growth and Self care is priority and that in tending to me—I will be a better woman, friend, coach, leader, and entrepreneur.

I remembered that fear is a natural emotion that often appears when we are up to something BIG. Thank you ego!

I remembered that I always know what is best for me and I can trust my BIG decision-making process.

If you are like me and have ever made a BIG decision in your life or business—something like radically changing directions with your work, ending a long-term relationship, signing up for a course, or investing in a coach—your “stuff” (aka your sh*t) may come up.

Because when we make a BIG decision in life—the kind that really makes us tremble because growth is at stake—it is often inevitable for our questions, anxieties, and fears to appear. Even when it’s something that we know in our heart and gut is right.

Short version—this is the ego doing its job to keep us safe and protect us from change and growth.

So, dear one, the next time you make a BIG decision that feels right in your body but then the mind starts to play tricks—perhaps consider what is true and important to you. And whether your fears and worries are a natural part of the ego process.

And most importantly, remember that in every BIG decision where you are aligning with your truth—know that you can never go wrong in taking care of your Self.

If you’d like, let me know how you go—I always love hearing from you.

Thanks for your read here.

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