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Unexpected Grief

Last week, in both my therapy and business coaching session, I had unexpected grief. I cried tears for what was and no longer is. After selling my kids yoga business and during my two-year sabbatical—I did some deep soul searching.

I went on an under-world journey where I shed layers, dismantled identities, and questioned everything.

I wandered overseas and through the onset of the pandemic—in the dark—feeling alone, lost, depressed, and disoriented.

I began to write soulful email newsletters where I expressed my vulnerable stories, unearthed life complexities, and exposed my raw and authentic Self. (BTW, sharing and relating with you has been medicine for my heart. Sincerely, thank you for being a part of my growth story.)

Thanks, also, to my writing, patience, trust, courage, and intuition—I ultimately came out of that death portal and returned home to my Self.

On the other side, I realized my gifts and Soul work that I am here to share.

I followed my inspiration to birth something new.  

And while the new website, the new clients, and the new course offering are all manifested—shiny, inspiring, and enlivening—I also can feel my sorrow for the loss of what no longer is.

For the loss of that precious and privileged period of wandering. 
For the loss of that time in between sabbatical and working again. 
For the loss (and the change) of the people that I formerly served.  

The simple truth is that even in launching a new business—exciting and right as it is …

It’s tender, too.

Both my therapist and business coach affirmed this.

Whether it is the loss of a loved one, a shift in a relationship, a transition with home, or the start of something new—grief is real and sometimes unexpected.

So how do we cope?

We acknowledge when grief arrives. We feel the tenderness and the wave of emotion. We choose to be gentle with our experience—knowing it’s real and part of being human.

Also, we can talk about it. Journal about it. Move the body about it.

Have you too gone or currently going through a transition? And, even if you know it is right, it still unexpectedly inspired ache, tenderness, and grief?

If yes—just know, you are not alone!

Thanks for your read here.

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