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There is No Such Thing as Being Perfect

I am a recovering perfectionist who occasionally relapses. Like last week when I began teaching my new online course for female entrepreneurs. While the kick-off class went really well—upon my reflection—I noticed a part of me that was seeking perfection.

As I laid on my bed watching the Zoom recording—I witnessed myself spiraling in doubt. Wishing I had asked a question more profoundly, taught a concept more deeply, and timed a process more spaciously. 

It sadly felt natural to fall into this trap of fault finding—after launching something exciting, new, and big—yet still wanting more, better, different, and … perfect.

Critiquing, questioning, analyzing—all running through my inner narrative.

Until I caught myself.

Until I chose to have a more gratifying experience.

Until I realized that what I just did was HUGE for me and the women in the course!

Until I chose to flip the switch and see that what I did do—was damn good-enough. In fact, it was more than good enough. It was great—(said some participants!)

And, instead of falling further into a hole with all the ways I didn’t do it perfectly—I chose to be kind and gentle with my Self.

I chose to remember that there is no such thing as being perfect.

Have you ever designed an offering, led a class, written a blog, or done something—BIG (or small)—and found yourself wanting to swim in a pool of perfectionism? And your attention gets pulled away from what you did really well (including being in action!) and you miss out on the goodness that truly was present?

If so, you are not alone.

Whether it is deep childhood programming or the dominant culture suggesting that we should be flawless—perfectionism is precarious and simply impossible.

We are human beings living in a complex world so having shortcomings, making errors, and being imperfect is part of life.

Plus, you’ve likely heard the saying—imperfect action is always better than perfect inaction.

The next time you do something new and next-level—before you start to slip into Self criticism and wish for perfection—remember the best part—that you did it! That done is better than perfect. And, you likely did a damn good job!

Uncertain about that? Send me a message about your experience, and I will happily remind you!

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