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Do it from a Place of Ultimate Resource!

I have been blessed to work with some high-level, badass female entrepreneurs. Women who own yoga studios, teach wellness classes, write blogs and books, lead trainings, have staff working for them, coach and mentor others, and run many other bold and heart-centered businesses.

These women in leadership know how to create what they want. They have vision. They have creativity. They have motivation. They have risk-tolerance. They have what it takes to entrepreneur.

And while we often work together on strategy—to accelerate progress in their business—we inevitably also focus on their Self care.

Because, if you can imagine like most entrepreneurs, these women go at it with full force, and sometimes, they over-do, over-give, and over-work. And, at the end of the day—it energetically takes its toll on them. (And their loved ones.)

It leaves them fatigued, frazzled, overwhelmed, and on the road to burn-out.


Not the dream spirit of the entrepreneur, I am sure you’ll agree, and maybe even relate!?

The good news is—there is another way to achieve goals and have business success without the crazy busy-ness, over-doing, and hustle bustle.

That way is to infuse your life with radical Self care—things like, having healthy boundaries, closing up energy leaks, infusing your schedule with spaciousness, eliminating things that drain you—so that you have a well of inner resource to carry you through your days (and into your nights!)

If you are a successful female entrepreneur who is already rocking her business (or ready to start doing so!)—but knows that in order to happily and wholly achieve your next-level business goal—that you need to do so with radical Self care, joining the ladies in the Beyond Bubble Baths group may be for you.

We are a group of soulful business women who are dedicated to launching into action our next business goal without the stressing, hustling, pushing, over-extending, and over-giving.

We’ll do it from a place of ultimate resource!

If this sounds like the way you want to work on your next biz goal, please reach out.

There are just a few spots remaining, and we’d love to have you!

Thanks for your read here.

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