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Two Hands on Your Heart

Times are tough for so many right now—across the board—personally, professionally, and politically. If you are feeling this hard—you have my absolute love, care, and compassion. While I am currently (thankfully) in a season of feeling resourced and enlivened by life—I do know from my own past experiences, that when I go through a difficult time—I think there is something wrong with me.

Like in the blink of an eye I can go from “I do not like this feeling” to “I do not want this feeling” to “I should not have this feeling” to “I suck!”

Can you relate?

If so, I honor your experience and the season you are in right now. Because …

It’s ok if you are feeling like you suck.  

It’s ok if you are struggling.

It’s ok if you slip and project your emotionality on to a loved one.

It’s ok if you are having a hard time moving things forward in your business or life.

You are human. And straight up truth, it won’t be like this forever.  

So dear one, if you are experiencing heartache from the killing of innocent lives, grief over the loss of a relationship, worry about inflation and the economy, high tension with family and friends, or resistance to moving your goals forward ..

Here is an important reminder …

Right now is a good time to practice radical Self compassion.

Self Compassion because you are doing the best that you can with the resources that you have.

Let that sink in.

And then if you are willing—take a moment and pause.

Notice your breath. Notice your body. Notice your nervous system.

Perhaps try lovingly placing your two hands on your heart, or another soothing place on your body—and channel a warm-hearted attitude of mindful compassion to your Self.

And when you do—notice what happens.

With a practice of Self compassion, it’s possible that you can shift your physiology from a threat state to a regulated state. It’s possible that you can cultivate deeper resiliency to navigate stress. It’s possible that you can have a greater sense of trust in your Self and in Life. It’s possible that you can become more motivated to create the life and business that you desire. 

I certainly hope so!

As always, you’re invited to send me a message and let me know how you go.

Thanks for your read here.

Did you enjoy this post?
I sincerely hope so!

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