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Relationship Upgrade

The other day I received a super sweet message from Heidi—a coaching client who recently graduated from my women's group program. It went like this Subject: Pouring on the love. 

Email: When I began my Podcast I could feel shifts happening in my body—not only for an impending Spring—but also for the presence of you, a genuine Soul. It’s been a long journey of upgrading my relationships and you certainly are a foundational woman who reminds me that women are fun, loving, sacred, and supportive.

Naturally, I was so touched by Heidi’s words, and so excited for her that she’s been aligning her Self with right relationships.

Her email got me thinking. Thinking of the high value I inherently place on relationships that nourish, satisfy, and inspire me.

It’s who I am, what I attract, and how I choose to live.

Personally, I believe life is too short, too precious, and way too damn complicated to be hanging out with B minus people.

I mean, If I am going to go to a party—I choose to hang out with people who are lively and fun. If I am going to share my life stories—I’ll do so with a Sister who actively listens, kindly reflects, and holds space for me with loving presence. If I am going to onboard a new Coaching client—I make sure I feel inspired by them, not just them inspired by me. And, if I am going to invest my resources in a course—I do so with an established mentor and high-level participants who I trust will help me to transform and grow.

How about you?

Are your relationships fulfilling? Do you feel met by the people in your life? Are you in circles that inspire you?

I sincerely hope so.

Relationships are the keystone to a meaningful life.

With right relationships—you can feel safe to speak your truth and receive authentic support.

With right relationships—you can grow beyond ways that you never imagined.  

With right relationships—you can feel worthy and have a sense of belonging.

With right relationships—you can feel secure, connected, and that you truly matter.

And, with misaligned relationships—well, you can feel drained, unfulfilled, lonely, and longing.

This is why I run the Women’s Mastermind Group that Hedi just completed. To create a space for entrepreneurs to come together and be in right relationship with each other. To create a space for like-minded, quality, and soulful women to share, connect, network, and learn together. To create a space for them to safely ask their questions, lovingly be witnessed in their journey, vulnerably receive undying support, and joyously never feel alone. Also, to have fun!

It’s truly a relationship upgrade!

If you would like to join me, Heidi, and an intimate group of inspiring women in the next Women’s Mastermind Group for your own relationship upgrade, send me a message—and I will reply with an Invitation Letter or you are welcome to schedule a call with me.

Truly, it would be an honor to support you in having a relationship upgrade.

Thanks for your read here.

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I sincerely hope so!

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