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Today is My Birthday!

Today is my 48th Birthday! And, before I head out to do one of my all-time favorite pastimes—soaking in hot springs with a soul sister—I wanted to touch in with you, as someone I sincerely care about.

To say a warm hello, express my gratitude, and offer you a heart-felt gift for your beautiful presence in my life. Truly, I value being in community with you, and I deeply appreciate every email newsletter read and reply you gift me. Thank you, thank you!

Today, I flip the switch, and I am offering you a Birthday gift in return.

You’ve likely heard about my upcoming course: Beyond Bubble Baths where I help women entrepreneurs to launch their next-level business goal from a state of radical Self care—without stressing, hustling, or perfectionism. We begin early May.

The gift 💝 …

JodiGolda, when you register for BBB during this final week of my Birthday month (April 24th-30th)—you’ll receive a free private coaching session with me.

A Birthday gift from my heart as a thank you for being on this journey with me—as I rotate yet again around the Sun.

Now off to the springs!

Thank you, and I love you.

Thanks for your read here.

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