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There was a time in my life where I ran my former Kids Yoga business more concerned about what others thought, than what was true for me. Ever been there!?

Where I was over-accommodating, people pleasing, and working beyond my own needs and boundaries.

Can you relate!?

Where I was holding back on what I really wanted to charge, leaving out what I really wanted to write in my newsletters, and withholding what I really wanted to express to a client.

Can you feel me!?

The cost?! A lack of confidence, a chronic feeling of hiding, an overall sense of being inauthentic, and a deep longing for my true Self expression.

Ouch, ooooh, awe!

I can only imagine, back then, how this really affected my life and business success—and how being out of alignment with my true Self influenced my worthiness, my relationships, my income, and my goals—to name just a few.

Knowing what I know now—I know that inauthenticity has huge consequences.

That when we deny our true Self and dismiss our authentic voice, everything is impacted.

On a personal level—our healing practices can get skipped, our relationships can become imbalanced, our emotions can get bottled up, and our bodies can feel discomfort.

On a professional level—our messaging can be wobbly, our clients can be misaligned, our income can be inconsistent, and our goals—the things we really want to do and know we are meant to achieve—can get put on the back burner.

So after many years of doing deep inner work, shedding layers that didn’t serve me, and committing to being authentic in my personal and professional life—as an act of radical Self care—I no longer struggle with hiding and all its conundrums.

Authenticity yields less stress and greater work/life balance. Also, access to write real, honest, and magnetizing newsletters and social media posts. And, the confidence to charge your worth and attract the perfect people to work with. 

But what’s most rewarding about being shamelessly authentic—you can feel energized and resourced to prioritize your next-level, edgy and big business goal—regardless of what other people think!

If you crave authenticity—where you are free to be fully expressed and real in your business and life—but have yet to find your voice, there is a way for you.

There is a way for you to speak your truth. There is a way for you to have balance in your relationships. There is a way for you to know your needs and hold your boundaries. There is a way for you to charge your worth. There is a way for you to share your message and market authentically.

And, there is a way for you to be energized, resourced, and in action with your business goals—the ones that are true for you.

… Without giving a damn what other people think!

This is what I am teaching female entrepreneurs in my upcoming group course.

If you would like to join our growing circle and launch your next business goal with authenticity—as an act of radical Self care—then send me an email and I will happily share the details with you.

Thanks for your read here.

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