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Three Ways

I have been hiding from you just a bit. While yes, for the past 2 ½ years I’ve been visible in that I've been consistently writing and authentically sharing my heart, wisdom, and experiences with you … What I have not done—is intentionally invited you to learn about or join me in the sacred work I do with clients.

Truth is, since selling Next Generation Yoga and launching my JodiGolda Coaching business—I’ve been shy and even resistant to any sort of hustle-culture-masculine-pushing-and-hard-promotional-sales.

Can you feel me?

But as a 25-year entrepreneur, 12-year business coach, and 7-year teacher of self-development—I know that hiding out limits our growth and opportunity for impact.  

I know that if we are truly here to do our soul work in the world—in service to helping and benefiting others—then we need to confidently own our gifts and courageously share them with the world by inviting others to join us. 

👉🏻💭Invitation: Reflect on how well you are doing this—and, feel free to let me know!

Here’s my go at it …

I coach female spiritual entrepreneurs and executives who are creating something next-level. 

Something next-level like starting a new business, hiring a first-time staff member, creating a membership platform, opening a brick-and-mortar, increasing profit, or decreasing life-work imbalance.

It’s next-level because to create this new thing, they also go on an inner-transformational-journey. They let go of fear, break through limiting beliefs, step boldly into the unknown, and own their authentic Self-loving leadership power—to name just a few. 

Do you have a business or life goal—but feeling some resistance and fear to achieving it? 

  • Like you know in your bones that you are meant to start doing your soul work … but you keep putting it off
  • Or you know that offering group programs will help to grow your business … but you lack the confidence to step into this new role
  • Or maybe you know it’s time to hire a team member … but your day-to-day projects keep getting in the way

If so, my coaching may be right for you!

There are three ways I work with clients …

  1.  Private Coaching—A highly personalized partnership and deeply supportive container for the clarification, activation, and transformation of your business and human potential goals … with less hustle, more ease, and most importantly—to not have to go at it alone. I’ve got three spots available this month.
  1. VIP Day—A focused, spacious, and customized 5-hour deep-dive into a specific area of your business or life that you are ready to not just break-through—but to powerfully transform. Quarterly VIP days available for ongoing consistency.
  1. Group Mastermind—A 6-month collaborative coaching and community experience for soulful women entrepreneurs to share your experiences, achieve your goals, and learn from one another. We begin in May!

Curious to know if partnering together is right for you? Reply with a 1, 2, or 3 (referring to the above) and we can explore on a no-pressure call.  

Thanks for your read here.

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