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I pray this finds you and your loved ones healthy, easy, and thriving! With Spring in the Northern Hemisphere air, Pluto in Aquarius, and my birthday around the corner—I am feeling the love. Love for you, love for me, and love for some new and supportive resources. I thought it'd be fun to share a panoply of my current faves—many of which are Self care related.

My hope is that my sharing of these books, audios, and goodies will provide you with nourishment, inspiration, and upliftment too!

Self Care for the Wisdom Years Audiobook by Cheryl Richardson. This book is geared towards those in mid-life—which I am inching towards—and, I found value in every bit of it! Full of practical tools for celebrating the mystery and wonder of aging while making a meaningful life shift from less ego to more soul. Cheryl truly knows that Self care is the key to a rich and joyous aging experience.

Daisy Jones & The Six on Amazon Prime. Last week while visiting my parents in Florida, we binged on this captivating 10-episode series based on NY Times best-selling book by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Well casted with big-fun eye-candy about the rise and fall of a 70’s band—including all the sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll.

Bewildered Podcast with Martha Beck and Rowan Mangan. In this crazy time of life, these two wild women are helping us to figure out everyday conundrums. I love their light-hearted laughter and deep-meaningful conversations about culture and natural instincts. If you’re like me and bewildered, you’ll also want to take a listen!

Be Your Own Cheerleader by Neelu Kaur, my new friend and colleague—Executive Coach and Wellness & Burnout Management Expert. This is the first book aimed to help Asian and South Asian women succeed in the North American workplace. I learned so much about Asian culture and their psychology—and Neelu’s spiritual tools for leadership and mental wellbeing in corporate America. Seriously, beneficial for all—regardless of ethnicity

Growingannanas. Anna’s got my favorite at home workout videos for sweating and strengthening. I did this 30-minute killer HIIT, Glutes & Abs (with a mini band)yesterday and let’s just say—she worked me!

Good Grief Care Packages. I love what sisters, Melissa and Kris, have created—born out of their own personal grief journeys. They’ve got a small business with a big mission here to help you empathetically and authentically gift your loved ones during their miscarriage, cancer journey, job loss, and other hard times. Self care at its prime!

Beautiful People Playlist. My writing mentor, Alex Franzen is often turning me on to fabulous new music and vibrant playlists. This one is no different!

What are you loving these days? If you are willing, click here and share with me—I’d love for you to turn me on to your current faves. 

Thanks for your read here.

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