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Just Like in My Dance Class

Last weekend in my 5 Rhythms dance class, I was transformed by the joy, connection, and magic made in community. And quite honestly, it was what shifted my mood and experience for the whole damn class. I arrived at the Railyard Performance Center in Santa Fe feeling a bit cranky, tight in my body, and busy in my mind. Perhaps it was all the sugar I ate the night before. 🍰🍪🤪

Can you feel me?  

And, while movement, and this steady Sunday dance community, ordinarily helps me to shake it off—I was struggling to let go.

Thankfully, I found my freedom as Chloe Goodwin, space holder extraordinaire, guided us through a specific process. She invited us to switch from dancing solo to with a partner.

My friend Lynn was nearby—and, so I chose her.

Lynn and I mirrored each other in our dance. We did some playful and childlike moves which brought instant connection, laughter, and lightness to both our beings.

I could feel my energy shifting. 

After a bit of time, Chloe encouraged us to switch partners. Feeling more in my body, I willingly found another dance partner. And then another, and another.

With each partner, I could feel us sharing our dance as if it we were medicine for the other. I felt my energy—and the energy in the room—rising, because of the connection and support of another like-minded dancer.

But wait there’s more!

Chloe invited two pairs to join another, making four. This is when things really got juicy!

Imagine … twenty diverse groups of four—dancing in synchrony. We took turns leading and learning each person’s unique moves and dancey grooves.

Eventually, foursomes joined foursomes and the whole room was in sync. In sync with connection, laughter, and joy.  

Have you ever experienced a similar transformation when you felt stuck in your solitude stuff and then free’d up by your friends and community. Where their energy, love, and support made a difference for you?

This is exactly what happened for me in dance class last weekend—and it was AMAZING!

I transformed from feeling alone to feeling connected and a part of something. 

For this very reason, I am organizing an online Women’s Group. So that women entrepreneurs (and their businesses!) benefit when they experience the magic and medicine of community. 

Because, straight up truth … when we go at business building alone, it’s often way to easy to get discouraged. Or to feel like you are the only one who struggles with marketing. Or the only one who hates to make yourself visible.

When we go at business building alone, it can often feel lonely, like we are supporting so many people but not feeling supported ourselves.

When we go at business building alone, we can often get lost in the weeds, forgetting to be deeply inspired by bigger ideas and bigger visions.

When we go at business building alone, we miss out on new strategies and tools. And also, it usually isn’t as much fun!

Just like in my dance class, in our Women’s Group … 
🤎 Women will show up just as they are—no judgment  
🤎 Women will be held in a safe container—guided with precision and intention
🤎 Women will be witnessed and supported—by a consistent and loving community
🤎 Women will connect—and, be inspired by each other
🤎 Women will learn new things—from others and themselves
🤎 Women will remember—that they are not alone

If you are a woman who runs your own business and longs to be in a supportive circle with other like-minded, warm-hearted, and soul-centered entrepreneurs—while lovingly learning how to grow your biz—you are invited!

Just send me a message and I will share the details with you—keep in mind, the circle is closing soon as we begin in May!

And if you so desire—perhaps you can seek out connection and support in a community event, class, group, or gathering soon. Let me know if you do!

Thanks for your read here.

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