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SO. Much. JOY!

Lately I have been feeling SO. Much. Joy! Joy because I am living my life and doing my work in alignment with one of my highest values, which is …  👉🏻Location freedom—where I can live and work from anywhere.

Since being in Portugal, I have been Coaching my private clients, facilitating my Women’s Mastermind group, and working on my business with integrity, in beautiful places—which is also a high value of mine. In fact, I am currently writing you this from a beautiful park in Lisbon—see image below. 

My days of joy have been looking something like this …

I wake up between 7-9am—really depends on the night before, because I also value good sleep. I have a spacious morning (also a value) with personal practices and then go for a long walk, exploring the area, sometimes clocking nearly 7500 steps. I grab a light bite out or make a brunch meal at home. And then somewhere between 11-12pm, I sit down to work on my business (blogging, marketing, emailing, invoicing) often followed by a check-in call with a friend and my parents.

Depending on time zones, I start Coaching around 3pm and end around 7pm. Then I enjoy dinner and, on many nights, gelato. All of which brings me SO. Much. Joy!

So yay for creating an online business that supports my highest personal value of location independence!

Now, I am not trying to brag or make you feel bad—because hey, I am well aware that not everyone can or even wants to have my same lifestyle. Heck, I am aware that not everyone values location freedom.

I am sharing this with you because I want to inspire you to align your values with your life and work—and everything in between.

Values like creativity, community, connection, family, pleasure, spirituality. 

Because when we are living a life aligned with our values, we are likely to feel joyful, authentic, balanced, inspired, and fulfilled.  

Because when we are living a life aligned with our values, we are likely to create the career that lights us up, live and visit places that bring us gratification, be in relationships that meet us most, and have a nervous system that’s grounded and healthy.

Are you living your life in alignment with your values?

To find out, perhaps begin by writing down your values. Next, define them and what they mean to you. Then, explore how your values show up or don’t show up for you. Finally, commit to creating your life and work—and everything in between—in alignment with your values!

Once you do, I imagine you’ll also have SO. Much. Joy!

If you’d like, you’re invited to engage in a conversation with me by sending me a message with how your values are aligning (or not yet aligning) with your life and work. I’ll happily reply!

Thanks for your read here.

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