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Insert Divine Breadcrumbs

I don’t believe in coincidences. But, I do believe in following the divine breadcrumbs that life gifts us—knowing they lead to some fabulous findings, often. Recently, after two wondrous weeks in Lisbon and Ericeira—a very cute beach town on the coast of Portugal—I was uncertain for where to next.

I was feeling my curiosity for the rural parts of this country as well as a craving for wild and natural beauty.

It is no surprise that in that same timeline I met Pedro online—on a dating app no less. And while it didn’t become romantic he did tell me about his home in the countryside region of northern Coimbra.

Insert divine bread crumb! As it sounded exactly where I wanted to go.

And so, I packed my bags, booked my train ticket, and reserved my car rental.

I found a very sweet and special Airbnb in a serene retreat space on the river where it was quiet, nourishing, and surrounded by natural beauty

But wait! There is more to this fabulous finding!  

Turns out, my hosts of the Airbnb were also in India at the same Mooji Satsang—a well-known non-duality teacher—where I was at the onset of the pandemic in March 2020. Which means not only did we share in the same spiritual teachings, but we also had a very similar (intense) experience in Rishikesh when Covid was starting to spread.

Between exploring idyllic landscapes of quaint historical Portuguese villages, swimming in many rivers, and eating at traditional restaurants with Pedro … also, cooking delicious meals, ecstatic dancing with a community of women, and having deep conversations with my hosts—I felt so at home.

It’s what happens when we listen to our soul and follow our heart.

Dear one, you don’t have to go to Portugal to be fed divine breadcrumbs. They are everywhere.

And they are everywhere helping us to discover the next step on our path. Especially when we are feeling lost, unsure, and unclear for which way next.

Perhaps if you are feeling uncertain for what is next for you—whether it is a decision about your work or any turn in your life—get quiet enough to notice the signs and divine breadcrumbs that are right before you.  

You may just be led to your next client, your new home, or that someone special who can help you achieve your goal. 

I sincerely hope so. If you’d like, please tell me how you go!

Thanks for your read here.

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