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One-Way Ticket to Europe + Unexpected Fears

It’s been just over a month since I wrote you last—and as promised I am returning after enjoying some sweet Summer vibes. I hope you got to do so, too! While yes, I relished in a spacious and lighter schedule last month … I also spent my time logistically, emotionally, and physically preparing for my one-way ticket to Europe.

The logistics and physical preparations were easy peasy. I mean, this wasn’t my first rodeo traveling abroad for an extended time.

But what struck me as challenging was all the mental and emotional resistance that showed up. I am not gonna lie, I didn’t expect to feel so much fear about this trip. 

I mean … I had been dreaming about this trip for years. I feel called to Europe as a place to explore and live one day. It turns me on to have a one-way ticket. I’ve travelled abroad my whole life and to 40+ countries. And, I’ve journeyed solo to many of those places.

But, even though I had all this past evidence and future potential and current excitement, I still felt large doses of fear.

I felt fear about the unknown, of being lonely, about the possibility of something/s going “wrong”. I felt fear that I didn’t even know why I felt as fear.

And even with all that fear looming this past month, instead of pushing it away or trying to combat it or even slay it—because truth is when we do that, the fear just gets bigger—I chose to welcome my fear.

I chose to honor my fear. To respect my fear. And, to listen to my fear and the messages she had for me.

I walked the land with my fear. I journaled about my fear. I pounded pillows about my fear. And I received support from my Coaches and therapist around my fear.

Ultimately, I came to fully accept my fear because I know that fear is normal.

I know that fear is normal ESPECIALLY when creating something new, next level, and big. I know that fear is normal ESPECIALLY when making a change or growing or transitioning.

I genuinely and first-hand know that fear is normal ESPECIALLY when stepping into the unknown.

It just comes with the damn territory!

And so, I didn’t let fear stop me. I didn’t let fear prevent me from doing the thing that I really wanted to do.

And I am so glad I didn’t—because Europe (so far) is awe-inspiring! (See pic below)

Have you ever felt tremendous fear from a change in status.

Perhaps you are feeling some fear right now. Perhaps you are also taking a trip abroad, or making a move, or ending a relationship, or starting a new business, or launching a new course, or shifting your job role?   

I want to remind you that fear is OK. It is normal. And, it is very much part of the human experience.

And … fear doesn’t have to stop you in doing or having or becoming that thing you really really want.

The key is to become aware, embrace it, and ultimately befriend your fearthe term my coach, Joanna, uses and one that I LOVE!

So dear one, are you ready to take your next leap? Are you ready to grow, change, up-level in your life or business? Are you ready to have that thing that you really really want? And you are willing to do it even with the fear? 

Good news! You don’t have to (nor should you) go at it alone! Because that can be too scary, and sometimes paralyzing.

I’ve currently got space on my Coaching calendar and would be so honored to support you in creating your next area of growth—in life and business. Send me a message and we can schedule an exploratory conversation that’s trauma-informed, where your fears get to come along—but not stop you!

Thanks for your read here.

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