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Snake Medicine

On last Monday’s full moon, I had quite the animal encounter. It goes like this … It’s 3pm and I am reclining on my couch with my feet up just after an hour-long business call where I said yes to joining a company to help home-owners go Solar. I am feeling wondrous and novel as this is a new territory for me.

I am day-dreaming as I gaze out the open front door, when along comes, up two steps and, right in to my home, a very surreal creature. S/he is comfortable and confident and bodaciously slithers inside. I first notice the wild sound which is like a “shh shh shh shh” as s/he glides along the colored concrete floor.

I am in awe.

She is beautiful. She is graceful. She is sensuous. She is here.

Oh my G-d! She is here, she is here!! Holy sh*t! She is here! Ahhhhh! My instincts kick in. My limbs do a crazy dance. I grab my phone, snap a few pix and call Egbert (the builder of my loft.) “Ahhhh, Egbert, there’s a huge snake in the house!” He comes right over and with great effort, he humanely escorts the four-foot long Bull Snake out of the house and back to the land. But only after, she literally does an entire circling around the perimeter of the house!

While you may not agree with my perspective on Snakes arrival, in my life and home-castle, I have a unique viewpoint that I hope will inspire you to see that nature and the “more-than-humans” are our teachers and have medicine to share with us.

I choose to see Snake as a welcome home omen. That after 17-months of living “home-free” without any foundation, this One, the most earthy of all creatures, shows up six days in to say “Ground, dear One.”

You may already know that the archetype of Snake is transformation. They are also symbols of rebirth, healing, feminine energy and creativity. Let’s just say, and if you really know me you know that, I have been in radical life-change these past two years. After selling my business, I have been shedding my skin, dismantling the old, coming home to myself.

Personally, I think Snake made her precious way into my home to give me some profound blessing and medicine. While yes it was a highly squeamish experience, I also see that Life is reflecting my wholeness to me. As my friend Kerry says, it’s the “royal red carpet.” Perfectly mirroring where I am now.

This experience reminds me that nature and animals are magic + medicine, and gifts that are always giving. We just have to choose to see it as such.

So dear one, what signs are you seeing lately?

Is it a gust of wind that affirms your spoken truth? A bird song that matches your mood? A rock in the shape of a heart that you find as you are feeling deep love? A rainbow that suddenly appears at the perfect time?

Life, nature and the more-than-human world is always reflecting back to us the messages, meanings and medicine we are needing.

Just notice. I hope you will!

Thanks for your read here.

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