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It’s OK to Grieve

I recently ended my 17-month stint of living “home-free” and am beginning a new chapter in Santa Fe, New Mexico ~ Tewa Territory. It’s been two years since I sold my company, Next Generation Yoga, and I am now starting-up work since taking sabbatical. Lot’s of change!

While I feel excited about this phase of new life ahead, refreshed from taking a break from husting biz, and deeply grateful for my past and present … lately I have been experiencing the feeling of grief.

Grief for the business that I sold.

Grief for the overseas trip that ended early because of the pandemic.

Grief for no longer living in California.

Grief for the relationships transitioned and lost.

Grief for my Aunt Cookie who is dying.

Grief for my old life that no longer is.

I could go on about my own grief, but I realize that the majority of humans on planet Earth are also grieving right now – and that’s OK.

As a human family, right now, most of us share grief.

Grief for the way the pandemic has changed everything about life.

Grief for the loss of loved ones.

Grief for the distancing of friends, family, communities.

Grief for the cancelled and simplified weddings, graduations, Bar Mitzvah’s.

Grief for the injustices of BIPOC.

Grief for the planet that is drying up.

Grief for the inequalities of the house-less, the imprisoned, the marginalized.

Grief for ______ (you fill in the blank.)

While I am no expert on grief, I do know that every loss deserves to be acknowledged. That where there is great grief there was great love. And, that our grief is worthy of honor. 

Last Sunday, to honor my own grief I did a ceremony on the land, naming my deep sadness, my longing, my love what no longer is. I spoke and sobbed loudly. Tears came effortlessly and I gifted them to the soil. I felt safety and comfort with Juniper and Pinon Tree, Bird, Ant, Wind, and Sun as my witness. It was one of the best cries and moving of energy that I have had in a while. And after about 30 minutes, I felt I had literally moved the grief out of my body. That what was stuck was now released.

Ceremony is one of many ways to honor grief, one in which I love and recommend. Also, journaling about it, dancing about it, building an altar about it, and talking about it. There are coaches, counselors, online resources, books and grief groups available for support.

No matter what, you do not have to do it alone. Because you are not alone. We all grieve, and that’s OK.

My hope is that you’ll choose your unique way to navigate through grief.

Thanks for your read here.

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