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It’s My Birthday and I’ve Got an Ask!

Last month I participated in The Give, Ask, Receive Challenge with none other than Alex Franzen – THE woman (entrepreneur, author & overall badass!) who inspired me to get off social media.

While, in all honesty, I didn’t play full out every day of the challenge, but I did learn a lot about what it takes to give, ask & receive. It is quite insightful.

Receiving is a wonderful thing but, for some, it can be hard to accept. The concept of worthiness is often at the forefront. Am I worthy to receive this compliment, this referral, this person’s time, this amount of money? I want it, but can I really let it in?

My prayer is that YES you can and that you do. That you know you ARE worthy of receiving all that you desire.

And somewhere in between the asking and receiving is giving. This takes kind-heartedness, presence and generosity. Whether it is giving a shout out on social media, making an anonymous donation, or being a flower fairy by placing a bud on someone’s car – these actions are priceless and truly what makes the world go round. More smiling faces and happy hearts. 

While Alex’s Give, Ask, Receive challenge lasted just five days, it really is a practice of a lifetime.

So here’s my vulnerable ask for today …

On April 24th, I am turning 47 and simultaneously moving to a new home in Santa Fe, New Mexico ~ Jicarilla & Pueblos Territory. Not being on social media and very much still in a pandemic, I would love to celebrate my birthday by receiving and reading a hand-written card from you – old school style! If you feel inspired, would you be willing to mail me an actual Birthday card with your words of affirmation so that I can feel your loving presence and decorate my new home with your beautiful card-gift. If so, send me a message with a YES and I’ll send you my addy. If not, no worries, I absolutely honor your healthy no.

Will you join me in this practice, friend?

What are you going to be bold enough to ask for today? How will you give? And are you willing to lean back and graciously receive?

Thanks for your read here.

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