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Self Compassion Leads to Transformation

I am so grateful to know the power of Self compassion and how it deeply supports me when under stress. For my recent big move to Portugal, Self compassion was my best friend!

Like when I was completely overwhelmed with todo’s, scared of moving alone, and grief-ridden for letting go of so much—I infused my entire being with gentle understanding, non-judgmental care, and many reminders that it’s ok to not have it be perfect. Just like I would for a best friend. 

I have been honored to support others with this practice and witness their extraordinary breakthroughs when practicing Self compassion. 

Like Jenny—my executive coaching client—who has been struggling with feeling near burnt out. She’s a high-powered lawyer in New York City and deeply longs for more balance in her life, less anxiety in her nervous system, a deeper connection with loved ones, and spacious time for her Self. 

On a recent call, we uncovered that her working all the time was something that she learned from her parents let alone the dominant culture. 

Together, we looked deeply at her learned behavior and brought in the gift of Self compassion. Because really, it wasn’t Jenny’s fault that she was indoctrinated to work so crazy hard and abandon her Self. She was a young child with role-models that innocently taught her this particular way of being. 

Good news, with Self compassion and deep inner work, Jenny is moving towards breaking free of this pattern.

Let’s be honest—life and work are filled with stress and complexities. 

Whether you are like me making a big move across the pond or Jenny nearing burn out—Self compassion is essential for your emotional well-being. And when consistently practiced, it can transform you: personally and professionally. 

Because truly, it is unhelpful to beat yourself up or tough it out during difficult times. 

And, it is more helpful to embrace your thoughts without judgment, to welcome your feelings as a normal human experience, and to treat your Self with loving, kindness and understanding. 

When you do—you’ll strengthen your resilience.

When you do—you’ll inspire others. 

When you do—you’ll become a Leader of Love. 

But like any transformation, it’s not an easy path. With Self compassion, you have to be willing to do the deep inner work. You have to be able to slow down your thoughts and get intimate with your Self. You have to be willing to put aside everything that culture and society has taught you up until now.

As I said, not the easy path.

But certainly a beautiful way—that can bring you inner peace, unwavering resilience, and true Self love.

If you’re feeling ready to transform with Self compassion—and you know that having support is necessary for your next-level of success—then you’re invited to schedule a private complimentary call with me where we’ll discuss your vision, see what’s getting in the way, and help you to become the Leader of Love you want to be.

I am here for you

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