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Are You Kind to Yourself?

It’s been a few months, and I am genuinely happy to be writing you again. You may have caught the big news that I recently relocated to Portugal—a move that I have been scheming for the past six months. I arrived on March 7th.

As with all moves, but especially internationally—which requires a whole butt-load of bureaucratic paperwork—it can be extremely stressful. 

I mean, the logistics that go into any kind of move are not for the faint of heart. Let alone the emotions of the heart. If you’ve been there—you know, you know. 

So how did I make this move feeling more resourced than any other move I’ve made before?  

How did I sell off ¾ of my belongings with a trusting attitude of “it’s ok to let go?”

How did I gracefully handle all the details of uprooting my life from New Mexico to create a mostly seamless transition to Portugal? 

How did I maintain my Coaching practice with presence and integrity during such a busy time?  

How did I do it all feeling regulated in my nervous system and grounded in my bones? 

The winning answer: I did it with a whole lotta Self compassion. 

Self-compassion for the part of me that was scared to make such a big move, alone. 
Self-compassion for the part of me that was stressed with endless todos. 
Self-compassion for the part of me that was tender to move far away from loved ones.
Self-compassion for the part of me that was grief-ridden to let go of so much.

And when I say Self-compassion—I mean being non-judgmental with my Self; releasing the need for it all to go perfectly; reminding myself that everything I was feeling was normal for the human experience; and, giving my young scared inner-child love and kindness and care that I could. 

Same as I would love and care about a coaching client who was stuck in a disempowering belief. 
Same as I would love and care about a friend going through a hard relationship breakup. 
Same as I would love and care about a child who fell and hurt themself. 

As human beings, it can be easy peasy to gift compassion to others when they are “in it.” Think back to the last person you were compassionate with when they were going through a hard time. 

You likely showed up as kind, patient, understanding, supportive and encouraging with so much love and compassion.

Am I right? 

With Self-compassion, we give ourselves the same kindness and support we’d give to another. 

And when we do, we have potential to make it through—whatever hard time, emotional difficulty, and human blunder we are in—with more resilience, motivation, inner-peace, and self-esteem. 

Self-compassion is truly what helped me (and is still helping me) get through my international move with mental and physical well-being. 

Are you kind to your Self? 

The next time you make a mistake in your business, or are going through a hard time with your partner, or experience a difficult emotion that makes you act out towards a co-worker—instead of beating yourself up about it—perhaps try turning compassion inwards and towards your Self. Try being so kind, understanding, gentle, and non-judgemental with your Self. 

Because, hey, sometimes life is really freaking hard! So, can you be kind to your Self? 

This is what Leaders of Love do. 

Thanks for your read here.

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