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Update on My First Month Living in Portugal

I recently received multiple requests from email subscribers for an update on what my first month has been like since moving to Portugal. And, since I LOVE to honor your requests and write about things you want to hear

btw, that’s an invitation for you to send your request my way—here’s what’s been going on …

I was very strategic about where I wanted to land in Portugal.

After selling off and packing up my life in New Mexico—and not knowing yet where I want to put down new roots—I knew that it was important for me to begin my exploration somewhere that I would consider living long term but mostly in a place that was deeply nourishing for my body, heart, and soul.

I am so grateful to have spent my first month in such a place: Barril de Alva in the North-Central part of Portugal.

This part of the country is rural and filled with the cutest quaint traditional Portuguese villages. It is friendly, quiet, beautiful, and slow.

It is where growing your own food is the norm.
It is where rivers flow abundantly.
It’s where you can fill up bottles with mountain spring water.
It is where goat and sheep roam free.
It is where people wave hello to you from inside their cars.
It is where large stone houses are warmed by wood stoves.
It is where rainbows are plentiful.
It is where many Israeli’s and Palestinians have come for peace.
It is where creative conscious expats reside.
It is where organic groceries and essentials are affordable.
It is where credit cards are hardly used.
It is where there are barely any Americans.

It is where I rented a car from a Portuguese mechanic and didn’t pay anything (nor give him my license or passport) until I returned the car.

It is where I sunk more into my patience practice as I dried my laundry during the cold humid rainy season.

It is where I was invited to many conscious / personal growth / dance events—and where I was trusted and invited to co-facilitate an Authentic Relating workshop.

It is where I learned to play poker and celebrated Purim.

It is where I shed many tears and was held and cuddled by the sweetest sisters.

It is where I was welcomed and loved and appreciated instantaneously.

It is where my nervous system down regulated.

It is where I will always call home.

And yet as a Leader of Love, I prioritize listening to my intuitive desires and act on what feels true. Which was to continue the journey and scout out what it feels like living near Lisbon and the Atlantic Sea.

And so this week, I relocated to Paco de Arcos—a very sweet coastal town just outside of Lisboa—where I’ll spend months two and three.

How are you listening and acting on your intuitive desires lately? Are you able to hear your truth and do you follow your intuition? As always, I’d love to hear from you! Send me a message with your update, if you’d like.

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