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Seeing Life as Gold

Several years ago—after selling my Kids Yoga business—I claimed my Jewish name, and now go by JodiGolda … though Golda is also very welcome. The name Golda in Hebrew means Gold and in using it, I am reminded to See Life as Gold.

As you know, Gold is a precious metal highly cherished for its natural beauty and rarity. In many spiritual traditions, Gold is believed to represent enlightenment and transformation.

Good stuff right!

In my perspective, Gold is all of that—as well as treasurable, beautiful, and wholesome.  

Can you understand why I endeavor to See Life as Gold!?

We live in a world where there a lot of pain and suffering. And, it is easy to skip the good, to focus on what’s missing, and to slip into complaint mode. I know I used to run this way.

But we also live in a world that is good—that is beautiful, abundant, loving, supportive, generous, and light-filled.

So, as we near the holy days and enter a season that can quite often feel overwhelming, crazy busy, and potentially stressful—I invite you to take on the perspective of Seeing Life as Gold.

Seeing Life as Gold looks like …

✨Being grateful for all that you have versus all that you don’t.

✨Recognizing how far you’ve come, grown, and achieved even when it’s subtle.

✨Appreciating the minutes of quiet, moments of peace, and space in between.

✨Offering random acts of kindness and giving generously while expecting nothing in return.

✨Tending to your Self in good ways so that you are rested and resourced.

✨Spending time with loved ones in nature or on your own.

✨Opting out of obligatory gatherings that don’t nourish your Soul.

So, instead of filling your email inbox with some Black Friday sale and more stuff to consume—because let’s face it that can be soul-less—I want to encourage you to choose differently this season and invite you to begin a soulful practice of Seeing Life as Gold.

And if you do, will you please send me a message with how you go!? Really, I’d love to hear from you—how do you See Life as Gold?

Wishing you a meaningful holiday season ahead and a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks for your read here.

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