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Perimenopause and Self love

This is a personal share about my experience with perimenopause and the never-ending journey of Self love.

I am 50 years old and up until now, I have been cruising towards mid-life with vibrant health, quality sleep, strong libido, regular menstruation, and mostly steady emotionality.

But recently—I am like, “Holy moly, I can feel my body changing!”

I’ve got pimples like a second puberty, a few extra pounds in my belly, some peach fuzz on my chin, brain fog like I can’t remember, and the hardest … moodiness for days.

That last bit is the one I am struggling with most. Like I don’t know how I am going to feel from one day—let alone one hour—to the next. Lately, I have been more impatient and irritable, emotional and anxious. It’s not easy. 

In fact, it’s hard AF!

😒 Trust me when I say—my moodiness with my boyfriend have been hard. 
😲 Trust me when I say—my bloated belly and tighter clothes have been hard. 
🥴 Trust me when I say—my brain fog and forgetting grocery items have been hard.

So how am I making it through?

By fiercely upping my Self love game.

Which looks like deeply accepting my perimenopausal journey, seeking professional support, having compassion for my mood swings, not judging my brain fog, talking about it with trusted ally’s, and honoring this wobbly life passage. 

Facing the realities of perimenopause has reminded me that Self love is an endless practice—not a destination—and truly essential for all life stages.

While yes, it is easy to be kind and love ourselves during seasons where we are cruising through life with meaning and purpose, when work is flowing and abundant, and when relationships are working.

But, in the human experience, there are times when we need to slow down—and sometimes even stop—because of a health issue, because of a loved one’s needs, because of a work challenge, or because of a relationship falter

It is during these harder times when we need to amplify our never-ending Self love journey. 

No matter whether it is a broken bone, a business challenge, or a perimenopausal journey—as a practitioner of Self love—it’s best that we accept it, have compassion for it, and love ourselves through it.

Or … we can reject it, hate it, and resist it—which ultimately can prolong our suffering.

Through my own life passages including many beautiful up’s and challenging down’s, I have learned that Self love is THE practice and the best medicine for whatever I am going through. 

So dear one—especially if you are like me and going through a new stage of life and have the opportunity to deepen your relationship with your Self—I promise you, it will always serve you to choose Self love.

It’s what Leaders of Love do.

Thanks for your read here.

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