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If You Feel Inspired and Scared …

✨Four months ago I fledged my cozy nest in the states to move to Portugal for a different, slower-paced, and pleasure-filled life.

✨I am currently supporting two newbie entrepreneurs who are boldly starting up their dream businesses.

✨My best friend just left his secure jobby-job to launch his purpose-driven coaching practice.

✨I have a high-level executive client defying the capitalistic, dominant culture and saying no to over-working and under-living.

The thing we all have in common!?

From a deep inner knowing and a clear courageous listening—we are following the truth of our hearts.

We are inspired and excited and going for it—even though it’s hard, even though it’s scary, even though it’s edgy, and even though it’s bringing up all our sh*t.

Let’s be real.

For my friend, my clients, and myself—following the truth of our hearts has been both inspiring and scary.

Our truth has asked us to break free against societal norms and familial programming.
Our truth has required us to let go of what’s comfortable and no longer serving us.
Our truth has empowered us to do hard things.

And … our truth has brought up our discomfort, fear, and doubts.

Because, dear One, when you make a big change, when you step up your game, when you change your status—even when you are inspired, clear, and following the truth of your heart—it can still be hard.

You can be scared. You can be confronted. You can be wobbly.

The good news!?

It is normal for you to have fears along the way.
It is natural for you to have bumps as you make the change.
It is part of the human experience for you to have doubts as you plant seeds in the dark.

And, your inner apprehensions and unhelpful thoughts ought not to stop you from following the truth of your heart. Especially when you have a steady and strong relationship with your inner-knowing and you can distinguish between what your heart is yearning for and your old habits, trauma, and gut reactions.

I’ll say that again, if you are up to something big and you have fear, doubt, and worry—it is 100% normal—and it does not need to stop you. Especially if you know it is aligned and true for you.

Like you can absolutely still take inspired action and be scared sh*t-less at the same time! 💯

Because, when you don’t follow the truth of your heart—because of normal and natural fear, doubt, or worry—you are being inauthentic. You are having misalignment. And, you are risking fulfillment.

Which can look like poor health, lack of motivation, low energy, anxiety, and boredom.

But when you do follow your wild, courageous, dynamic, and higher wisdom heart—with honest discernment—you can have contentment, confidence, and authenticity.

Your work can be even more purpose-driven. Your relationships can be even more enriching. Your health can be even more vibrant. And your life—as a whole—can be even more authentic.

It’s what Leaders of Love do.

They listen and follow the truth of their heart—with clarity and knowing—along with their fears, doubts, or worries.

If you’re feeling ready to transform and powerfully follow the truth of your heart—and you know that having support is necessary for your next-level of success—then you’re invited to send me a message and schedule a private complimentary call with me where we’ll discuss your vision, see what’s getting in the way, and if we’re a good fit, how working together will help you become the Leader of Love you are MEANT to be.

Thanks for your read here.

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